Signs for Hollidaysburg mayor race go missing

HOLLIDAYSBURG – Someone in the borough doesn’t seem to like either choice for mayor, and he or she showed it over the past week by swiping campaign signs throughout the area – including from both candidates’ yards.

“Someone must not like either one of us,” said Mayor Joseph Dodson, adding that five of his campaign signs are missing.

One was taken from his Wayne Street front yard last week, and others have disappeared from Walnut, North Juniata and Allegheny streets as recently as the weekend.

After the first sign was stolen from his yard, he decided not to replace it, he said, but because he’d been stapling the bottom of the signs to keep them from blowing away, he doesn’t think heavy wind is the culprit.

“I wish they would quit taking them,” Dodson said. “For people to do things like that, it’s ridiculous.”

Borough Council President John Stultz, who also is a mayoral candidate, said more than a dozen of his signs were stolen, most of them early last week.

Two signs were taken from his yard in a three-day period, he said. The first sign disappeared overnight April 23; its replacement went up Thursday but was taken overnight as well.

“This isn’t the end of the world,” Stultz said, but added that the thefts have slowed and he hopes interest in sign-stealing has waned.

Both candidates said the cost comes out to about $7 per sign, so Dodson and Stultz have lost more than $100 between them.

“These signs aren’t cheap,” Dodson said.

Stultz said his supporters likely will be more vigilant and watch their yards, but it’s hard when they’re being taken under cover of darkness.

Dodson said he mentioned the incident to Assistant Police Chief David Gehret, but, like Stultz, didn’t plan on filing a report.

“I asked [officers] to keep an eye out for both our signs,” Dodson said. “I’d like to find out who’s taking them.”

Borough Police Chief Jeffrey Ketner said officers will be vigilant on patrol and they hope to catch whoever is responsible in the act.