Bones recovered in Leighty search

Police have recovered bones and clothing as part of the search for Sherry Leighty in Huntingdon County, according to court records.

A search warrant inventory from the search of Kenneth W. Leighty’s 150-acre family hunting grounds in Warriors Mark Township doesn’t specify if the bones are animal or human, and so far authorities remain tight-lipped.

Huntingdon County District Attorney George Zanic said he wasn’t commenting and that investigators, along with a forensic anthropologist, continue to analyze the items.

“State police and Altoona city police are still in the process of interviewing people,” Zanic said, adding that with a case dating back to 1999, there was still a lot of information to gather.

Kenneth Leighty remains in Blair County Prison on a charge of aggravated assault of a police officer and related counts stemming from an alleged altercation with investigators at his Altoona home April 19.

Police, in court records, indicate Kenneth Leighty confessed in a phone call with his son, Sherry Leighty’s ex-husband, that he killed her, that it was an accident and that she is buried along a fence row on the mostly wooded, rural property.