Accident wounds gun shop owner

A Juniata gun shop owner was accidentally shot while repairing a rifle, according to Altoona police.

Robert E. Buchanan, owner of Pioneer Gun Shop, 615 N. Second Ave., was taken to Altoona Regional just before 10 a.m. Friday after he was struck in the torso by a 7.62 by 39 mm round, said Altoona police Lt. Jeffrey Pratt.

Buchanan was wounded in the abdomen area, Pratt added.

Pratt said all shootings are initially considered criminal investigations, but the shooting doesn’t appear to be anything more than an accident. Buchanan was working on the rifle, which was not feeding rounds properly, when somehow the action closed and the round discharged, Pratt noted.

Buchanan’s condition Friday was not known, but Pratt said he had been taken in for surgery.

Buchanan’s son, Randall P. “Randy” Buchanan was murdered June 21, 2001, in his apartment just around the corner from the gun shop, dying of blunt force trauma. Bob Buchanan’s wife, Marie L. Buchanan, passed away less than two weeks later, on July 1, 2001.

Randy Buchanan’s murder remains a mystery. In a 2001 interview with the Mirror, Bob Buchanan said he was eager for police to catch the killer.

“I want closure,” Bob Buchanan said at the time.