Police: Man on bath salts runs naked down street

An Altoona man accused of chasing a car while naked and on Blizzard has been charged.

Douglas J. Leary III, 35, of 1607 Fourth St., was allegedly naked when he chased after a couple in their car as they drove down Fourth Street on Sunday, according to Altoona police.

When Altoona police arrived at the 1500 block of Fourth Street, Leary allegedly refused to comply with officer’s commands to get on the ground and was pepper sprayed.

“I am on Blizzard,” Leary allegedly told officers as he was handcuffed, court records show. Blizzard is the street name for MDPV, a now-illegal synthetic stimulant, also called bath salts.

Police reported Leary refused to get into a patrol car after his arrest and resisted officers and medical personnel at Altoona Regional after he was taken to the emergency room.

A witness called 911 and later spoke with officers to report Leary had chased her and her boyfriend as they drove south on Fourth Street. The woman said Leary was flailing his arms and appeared to be out of control, police said. The woman told police she got out of the car at one point and tried to talk to Leary, but she got scared and jumped back inside when he started to walk toward the car.

Leary is charged with misdmeanor counts of indecent exposure, resisting arrest, open lewdness and disorderly conduct along with a summary charge of public drunkenness. Leary remains free and is due to appear in Central Court on April 10 for a preliminary hearing on the charges.

Leary was sentenced in August 2012 to five to 23 1/2 months in county jail after pleading guilty to delivery of a controlled substance. Leary was arrested March 1, 2012, by state police after he allegedly sold the drug to an informant, records show.