Deaths of Tyrone couple under police investigation

TYRONE – A neighbor found a Tyrone couple dead in their apartment Sunday morning, sparking a police investigation that has yet to reveal a cause of death.

Toxicology tests are set to determine what killed a man and woman, both 53, sometime late Saturday or early Sunday at their home in Snyder Township’s Cold Springs housing development, Blair County Coroner Patricia Ross said.

Police haven’t officially identified the couple, but neighbors described them as a likable, eccentric pair – not likely to be the victims of an intentional killing.

Kaitlynn Hann, who lives two doors down in the brick-faced apartment building along Huckleberry Street, said the couple’s neighbors didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary the night they died.

“You hear everything here, every cough in every nook and cranny,” Hann said. “There was no foul play.”

Another neighbor found them in their living room, Hann said, noting that there wasn’t any blood or sign of violence.

Ross ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning as a possible cause and said toxicology tests will determine whether drugs were involved.

Hann said the couple had a guest over Saturday night.

The woman had family in the area and in other states, neighbors said, including a child and grandchild in New England.

“I just when numb when I heard,” said Theresa Smith, who lives next door to the couple’s apartment. Neighbors said police investigators carrried bags of evidence out of their home shortly after they were found.

Court documents reveal that both the man and woman found dead have faced criminal charges involving theft in recent years.

Their home was silent Sunday night; ceramic angels, pinwheels and a “Watch for motorcycles” sign still decorated the entryway, the living room lights turned off.

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