Police will crack down on parking at Ebner

Logan Township supervisors have amended an ordinance to prohibit parking on Hillside Avenue, which will be enforced during school hours.

Police Chief Ron Heller said he asked for no parking rule for safety reasons.

Youngsters are getting into and out of vehicles parked on Hillside Avenue, then running across the driveway of Ebner Elementary School, where other vehicles are stopped to pick up or drop off youngsters, Heller said.

Supervisors Chairman Frank Meloy said he’s familiar with the problem.

“Before school and after school, cars congregate there because many parents drive their kids to and from school,” Meloy said.

Both the township and school district police departments have heard the concerns and considered some options, Heller said.

Supervisors agreed with Heller’s suggestion although Heller said he doesn’t foresee enforcing the ordinance outside school hours, such as when there’s an evening meeting at the school.

Supervisor Joe Metzgar endorsed the no-parking rule too and said the situation has been causing difficulty for some of the nearby residents.

“They want to go to their homes,” Metzgar said. “And there’s a big issue getting back there.”

“The whole intent is to make it a safer situation,” Meloy said.

Altoona Mirror Staff Writer Kay Stephens is at 946-7456.