Gun rights group rallies

HOLLIDAYSBURG – Those interested in more gun laws should read the 300 pages of existing state and federal gun laws, Blair County Sheriff Mitchell Cooper said Saturday.

“Then come back and tell me what additional laws you could conceivably want to add,” he said.

That recommendation drew applause Saturday afternoon outside the Blair County Courthouse where 175 people turned out for a “Day of Resistance” rally sponsored by the Blair County Tea Party.

The event, one of several in Pennsylvania and in the nation, was organized to show support for the Second Amendment and to protest actions labeled as unconstitutional gun control measures.

Gun-rights supporters say President Barack Obama overstepped his authority in January by authorizing 23 changes without congressional approval, when he unveiled a wide-ranging initiative described as the biggest U.S. gun-control push in generations.

“I’m here because I’m against Obama, really against Obama,” Paul Carney of Strongstown said.

Carney and his wife, Ruth, who live near the border of Indiana and Cambria counties, said they made the drive to Hollidaysburg to be part of the rally.

“We’re protesting what the government is doing to our Constitution and our Second Amendment rights,” Ruth Carney said.

Cooper told the crowd that his support for the Second Amendment is based on 32 years in law enforcement.