Two alleged thieves hospitalized after chase

SAXTON – Two Saxton men, suspected of breaking into a local gun store Monday and stealing dozens of handguns, were hospitalized in serious condition Tuesday in Baltimore after leading police there on a high-speed car chase.

The suspects – Garrett Sherlock, 26, of 606 Branch St. and Michael Faircloth, 26, of 203 Eighth St. – crashed into a parked car as Baltimore police pursued them in search of the stolen Bedford County firearms. The pair could face charges in the Saxton Outdoor Supply break-in after police allegedly recovered 29 missing handguns, as well as ammunition and several bags of cocaine.

The Saxton men, already charged with violating Maryland’s stolen-gun possession laws dozens of times, will also face federal gun-trafficking charges, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Agent Steve Bartholomew said Tuesday.

Pennsylvania charges are not yet listed in the case, but Baltimore police said Sherlock and Faircloth stole the guns from near their homes in hopes of trading them for cash or drugs in Maryland.

Police allegedly found a loaded handgun near the driver’s seat and 28 guns in a duffel bag in the Pennsylvania-registered car’s trunk. A tip led police to the alleged thieves’ Baltimore destination.

When Baltimore officers found the Buick identified as Faircloth’s, they surrounded it in the early-morning darkness and gave chase when it began moving.

Faircloth and Sherlock allegedly fled, eventually crashing into a parked car and suffering serious injuries. Emergency workers had to cut them from the car’s twisted wreckage, Baltimore police said in an affidavit.

They are in serious but stable condition, police said.

Bartholomew said the investigation will continue, including into the pair’s alleged Baltimore contacts and the small number of guns apparently not recovered from the car.

More than 30 guns were reported missing after the men allegedly smashed into the Saxton shop with a car; with 29 recovered, some may already have been moved elsewhere, he said.

The rest were recovered “before they could have been potentially diverted to dangerous people,” Bartholomew said.