Man: Alcohol from week before

A Bellwood man tried to tell police the alcohol they allegedly smelled on him was from the week before, according to Altoona police.

John Ozio, 19, of 3241 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd. was arrested Dec. 23 on the 200 block of First Avenue after his encounter with Altoona police, who noticed Ozio smelled of alcohol while he was claiming to have had his cellphone stolen by someone inside a home on the 200 block of First Avenue.

Ozio denied he was drinking and told officers the smell was probably from the week before, but police said Ozio’s speech was slurred and he had glassy, blood-shot eyes.

After his arrest on public drunkenness and underage drinking charges, police found both of Ozio’s cellphones on him as well as a pair of brass knuckles, police contend.

According to court records, Ozio claimed he had the brass knuckles “for protection from being jumped.”

Police allegedly found a marijuana grinder with a small amount of pot as well as a pipe, which was made from a shell casing, in Ozio’s backpack. Ozio allegedly admitted he had been drinking and claimed he was addicted to marijuana, police said.

Ozio claimed police planted the pipe and grinder in his backpack, records show.

Once in the holding cell at the Altoona Police Department, officers said Ozio became agitated and violent. Police claim Ozio punched and kicked the cell door and had to be shackled for his own safety before spitting throughout the cell.

Ozio was jailed in lieu of the $15,000 cash bail set by Magisterial District Judge Fred B. Miller.

Ozio is due to appear today in Central Court for a preliminary hearing on misdemeanor weapon, marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges as well as summary counts of public drunkenness, underage drinking and criminal mischief.