Surgical center poised to grow

Officer:?Future is very bright

Mirror photo by Walt Frank / Chief Administrative Officer David Auerbeck (left) LPN Brionne Gioisa and Director of Nursing Danelle Berg (right) organize patient schedules at East Freedom Surgical Associates on Aug. 15.

EAST FREEDOM — The area’s newest free-standing ambulatory surgical center is doing well and is poised for additional growth.

East Freedom Surgical Associates, which is licensed to perform outpatient urologic surgical procedures, began operations March 6.

Dr. Stephen Yanoshak, a urologist, is the lone surgeon at the present time.

The 8,500-square-foot facility with two Class C operating rooms and one surgical procedure suite, is the only urologic outpatient facility in the area.

“That is what makes us unique,” said David Auerbeck, Yanoshak’s partner who serves as chief administrative officer.

The center is expected to expand in the near future.

“We are in the process of adding additional surgeons for other subspecialties. It depends on the state. Our goal is to have by the end of the year other surgeons in the building and be at full capacity,” Auerbeck said.

In the short time the facility has been open, a steady stream of patients have visited the center.

“Things are better than I had imagined. This is largely due to the staff that we have at the facility. They came together as a team from the very beginning. Patients have expressed that they have been very satisfied with the care they receive,” Yanoshak said. “The number of patients that we have seen has far exceeded our initial expectations. Adjustments in our schedule have allowed us to see more patients without compromising care.”

“We’ve met our expectations for patients and have expanded our staff to meet that. Today we have including administration and doctors, a staff of 12. We see that growing. We could be looking at an additional five staff — medical staff, nurses and surgical techs,” Auerbeck said.

Planning for the center was in the works for a few years.

“Dr. Yanoshak (who operates Bedford Regional Urology) has been providing urology services in the Bedford area for 19 years. There was a need. We get patients from Huntingdon, Roaring Spring and Bedford. This was a perfect location for the majority of his patient population to serve a three-county area. It was built to improve efficiency and effectiveness for patient care,” Auerbeck said. “Steve had been wanting to do this building for quite a few years. He saw the need for this facility for the patients of the area.”

Auerbeck helped to oversee the planning, architecture, building and set up of the facility from its inception.

“I believe it was a healthy challenge to be part of a project from the very beginning. It was a collaborative effort that helped make this possible,” Auerbeck said. “Work began on the project two years ago after many years of planning. I’ve been here from the very start and I know how much thought and preparation that has taken place to get this going. I feel a part of the blueprint of this facility. I’ve been here from ground breaking to completion.”

Auerbeck and Yanoshak are optimistic about the future of the center.

“Our facility is able to accommodate most surgical subspecialties. We have the staff and space to allow several surgeons to use the surgery center in a safe and efficient manner. We have been talking to other surgeons who would like to utilize our center and are currently in negotiations with credentialing,” Yanoshak said.

“The future is very bright for the patients of Dr. Yanoshak and other subspecialties. We expect to have a great response from the public because patient choice is very important. ASCs are more efficient than hospitals. We can pass on the savings to the patient and the insurance carrier. An ASC is an important model in providing quality health care and efficient health care,” Auerbeck said. “We are here for the patients to give them options to enhance their care, our goal is to enhance the patient experience.”


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