Courtesy Collision certified

Courtesy Collision, 3100 Pleasant Valley Blvd., has been officially certified by Assured Performance, a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization, for maintaining the tools, equipment, training and facilities necessary to repair the participating automaker brand vehicles according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

In achieving the certification, Courtesy Collision is now a part of the most advanced repair capable and efficient auto body repair network in the world. Adding to its credentials, Courtesy Collision is officially recognized by Assured Performance, FCA, Ford, Nissan, Kia and Ford Repair Capable.

To become certified and officially recognized by the various automakers, Courtesy Collision passed the certification process to help ensure proper and safe repair of the new generation of advanced vehicles.

Less than 5 percent of body shops across the nation are able to meet the requirements to become officially certified and recognized. The certified network is made up exclusively of best-in-class collision repair businesses that have met or exceeded the strict requirements of the certification program.