Development plan ‘consistent’ with efforts

Harley-Davidson dealer to move locations

Blair County Planning Commission members said the Roundhouse Harley-Davidson development plan is generally consistent with countywide planning efforts.

The plan calls for renovation of the existing Smith Furniture building on Route 764 in Allegheny Township as well as the construction of a 10,588-square-foot addition for the purpose of converting the site to a Harley-Davidson dealership. The Burgmeier family plans to move the Harley-Davidson dealership from near the Meadows intersection to this new location.

The other part of the renovated building will house Roundhouse Powersports.

Access to the site will be through the existing connection to Herr Lane, along with a newly proposed 26 foot-wide, bidirectional access driveway connection to Carson Valley Road, said Jamie L. Klink, community planner.

However, because of high volume of traffic along this portion of Carson Valley Road and the potential for vehicle stacking concerns, commission members suggested the developer take a further look at creating a new connection.

“We should not recommend an alternative. I don’t know what the real answer is, but they need to address the safety aspect,” said Randy Isenberg, commission member.

A sidewalk will be installed along the proposed building addition, however, no sidewalks will be installed along the property line adjacent to the public streets.

“We recommend the developer, at a minimum, complies with Allegheny Township’s requirements of grading a suitable area as if sidewalks were to be installed,” Klink said.

Roundhouse Harley-Davidson is expected to open in the new location in February and Roundhouse Powersports in April.

Mirror Staff Writer Walt Frank is at 946-7467.