Blair County

Mountain City Risk Management LLC to Cody C. Keith, Maple Hollow Road, Duncansville, $23,500.

Joseph D. and Catherine O. Richards to Susan M. Weimer, 1315 Walnut St., Hollidaysburg, $143,500.

M&D Partnership to 4 Seas LLC, 419-412 Puzzeltown Road/419-421 Green Drive, Duncansville, $160,000.

Richard L. Lavoie to Louis J. Maierhoffer, 264 Donna St., Hollidaysburg, $164,000.

Aquarius Properties LLC to J&R Pennsylvania Properties LLC, 1510 and 1512 Fourth St., Altoona, $10,000.

Jennifer Schreiber-Bonsell to Robert S. and Barbara M. Paranich, property in Antis Township, $139,900.

Jackie N. Wyland to Steven A. Kenawell, property in Freedom Township, $35,000.

Nellie Mae Cornelius to Dustin L. and Joey L. Lewis, property in Snyder Township, $86,500.

Patricia C. Glenn to Ricky A. Fogal Sr., 126 E. First Ave., Altoona, $20,000.

Karen Bond Wilcha to John A. and Gail M. Murphy, property in Frankstown, $244,000.

Roy E. Bookhamer Jr. to Megan Cruse, 816 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $65,000.

Bruce K. and Brenda T. Boyles to James D. Rumberger, General Jones Drive, Tyrone, $131,600.

Peter and Allison Lorelli and Allison McConnell to Richard D. Sr. and Lisa L. Logan, Sixth Avenue, Altoona, $80,500.

Bedford County

Laurence R. Rissler to Sidney Z. and Louella S. Burkholder, property in South Woodbury Township, $185,000.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Aaron M. and Kelsi M. Benner, property in West Providence Township, $175,500.

Bravett B. Lynch to Shannon and Trisha Elbin, property in Mann Township, $89,900.

Donald T. Claycomb, Randolph S. and Bethany D. Hess to David W. Claycomb, property in Broad Top Township, $33,000.

Karl E. and Frances M. Cessna to James L. and Shannon K. Waybright, property in Bedford Township, $47,600.

Andrew P. and Sharon E. Wilson to Michael D. Davis, property in Bedford Township, $265,000.

Josephine Kay, Josephine K. Howard to Brandan E. and Alison Foor, property in Snake Spring Township, $160,000.

Bruno and Kazimiera Mistichelli to Kevin E. Holler, property in Bedford Township, $80,000.

Mary J. Brown to Tammie J. Brown, property in Kimmel Township, $15,000.

Kelly A. and Adam T. McGinnis to Clayton S. and Kacie E. Watson, property in Bedford Township, $139,900.

Catherine F. Bush to James Stewart Bridges and Cordel P. Bridges, property in Southampton Township, $60,000.

Church Hill Manor LLC to Thomas A. and Marilyn T. Otis, property in Bedford Township, $38,920.

Clearfield County

Christie W. DuBois to Amy L. DuBois, property in Sandy Township, $134,000.

Dustin Quigley and D Quigley Properties LLC to John McCully, property in Curwensville Borough, $79,900.

Aimee L. Finnan and Ronald Joseph Guth Estate to Richard A. Murray Sr., property in Cooper Township, $165,000.

Gregory S. Sr. and Jennifer Little to Dale A. and Nancy L. Danneker, property in Sandy Township, $299,000.

Larry C. and Mary Kathryn McAninch to Robin L. Lawhead, property in Sandy Township, $109,000.

Jason M. and Amy L. Rankin to Abby and Jill Peangatelli, property in Bradford Township, $138,500.

Matthew A. and Jo A. Thompson to Thomas E. and Christine M. Kavelak, property in Clearfield Borough, $62,000.

Betsy MIller and Leda Jane Wisor Estate to Kyle A. Larson and Brandy L. Knepp, property in Bradford Township,$90,000.

Christopher Hitchings to Scott Tyler Carr and Carrie L. Thompson, property in Morris Township, $129,000.

Woods Property Group LLC to Cindy A. Bryington, property in DuBois, $62,000.

Dennis and Susan Day to Daivd L. and Charlene R. Hoover, property in Sandy Township, $28,500.

Matheu R. and Alana M. Smiley to Nathan C. and Sherri D. Ramsey, property in DuBois, $94,000.

JJ Powell Houtzdale Snappy LLC, property in Houtzdale Borough, $475,000.

Steven R. and Jason A. Sellers to HND Real Estate LLC, property in Knox Township, $130,000.

Timothy L. and Carol A. Brownlee to John R. and Lisa L. Pounds, property in Sandy Township, $149,900.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to John Szwarc, property in Boggs Township, $40,000.

Paul W. Yarger to Sara E. and Cory D. Hummel, property in Houtzdale Borough, $70,000.

Joseph F. and Jennifer V. Dellantonio to Joseph B. Jr. and Hillary O. Bower, property in Knox Township, $1,275,000.

Huntingdon County

Lee R. and Rebecca A. Weaver to John C. Miller Jr., property in Cromwell Township, $50,000.

Guy E. and Jane W. Croyle to Trudy L. Hooper, property in Petersburgh Borough, $77,500.

Gregory A. Sr. and Sandra K. Trent to Joseph W. and Janet Eisenhour, property in Cass Township, $122,900.

Brandon K. and Crystal M. Beamer to Jacqueline Prisk, property in Warriors Mark Township, $58,000.

Martin L. and Mary Gutshall to Atalie V. Yingling, property in Lincoln Township, $95,000.

Janice D. and J. Darlene Hurst to Taylor M. Miles, property in Henderson Township, $39,000.

Bernard F. Swartz Estate to David C. Rains, property in Huntingdon Borough, $35,000.

Donald L. and Donald Lee Kester to SNS Rentals LLC, property in Huntingdon Borough, $30,000.

Monika Malewska to Monika Malewska and Shannon O Cotrell, property in Huntingdon Borough, $171,872.

Matthew J. and Anne B. Davis to Christopher Stephen and Lynn A. Federinko, property in Warriors Mark Township, $312,000.

CTR Properties LLC to Ralph W. and Charlesetta L. Morgan, property in Cromwell Township, $113,000.

CTR Properties to Ronald E. and Paula J. Miller, property in Cromwell Township, $145,000.

Michiko Green to Blair E. Wagner, property in Marklesburg Borough, $161,000.

John S. Brown to Timothy R. Brown and Amanda C. Driesse, property in Brady Township, $39,900.

Steven A. and Patricia Bjonnes to Ronald E. Haun, property in Walker Township, $157,000.

Margaret L., Margaret, Margaret Louise and Peggy McChesney to Sheldon R. Port Jr., property in Huntingdon Borough, $76,000.

Jeffrey A. and Stacey L. Campbell to Camron W. Day, property in Tell Township, $94,500.

Shawn A. and Michelle A. Parks to Brandie N. Mills, property in Smithfield Township, $40,000.

Patricia A. Collins and Joanne L. Garber to Ivan L. II and Lillian M. Wilson, property in Brady Township, $38,715.

James F. Jr. and Janet B. Chambers to David A. and Alexandra Zeigler, property in Penn Township, $181,500.

KCMJ Holdings Limited Partnership and MLJC Properties LLC to N. Barry Slusser II, property in Huntingdon Borough, $210,000.

Todd Alan Fortney to Christopher M. Shinners, property in Shirley Township, $85,000.

Josephine S. Merrell to Christina E. Call, property in Jackson Township, $300.00.

Sue Ann, Sue A, Rodney A., Lisa and Lisa A. Keller to Robert J. Jr. and Shannon Heaster, property in Logan Township, $80,000.