Business news of local interest

Students show marketing plan

Business administration-management and marketing students from South Hills School of Business & Technology’s Altoona Campus recently presented a social media marketing plan to the Blair County Planning Commission.

Fostering the relationship between Blair County and the community, as well as building awareness and keeping the community up to date on new things happening, were a few of the points that the students focused on when creating this plan.

The first-year students were given the opportunity to discuss the importance of being consistent and current on social media. They took a look at the current conditions of the Blair County Planning Commission’s presence on all social media platforms, analyzed the data and put together a strategic and tactical plan.


M&T announces new services

M&T Bank has announced a series of new services for its small business customers, including a new online business loan application, new business credit cards and a new business cash-management platform.

M&T will start offering online business loans in mid-2018. The new business online lending platform advances M&T Bank’s strategy of leveraging innovative digital technologies that create seamless end-to-end customer experiences.

The bank also has launched a new credit card program for businesses that provides customers with flexible access to funds and the opportunity to earn points from purchases, as well as enhanced conveniences.