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Hospital offers inpatient email

Conemaugh Health System now offers the ability to email an inpatient at Conemaugh Memorial, Conemaugh Meyersdale, Conemaugh Miners and Conemaugh Nason medical centers.

To access the online email system, visit The page is also available by visiting www. and clicking on “Email a Patient” located under the “Patients and Visitors” tab.

Individuals submitting an electronic message have the ability to choose a photo for the message. Additional information needed is first and last name of sender, first and last name of patient, hospital name where the patient is located, room number of the patient (if known) and message to the patient.

The online submission is received and printed at the designated Conemaugh hospital identified by the sender. Volunteers at each location then deliver the message to the patient.


Riverview Financial recognized

Riverview Financial Corp. — Riverview Bank and its operating divisions CBT Bank, Citizens Neighborhood Bank, Riverview Wealth Management and CBT Financial and Trust Management — has been named to the 2018 OTCQX Best 50.

The OTCQX Best 50 ranks the top 50 U.S. and international companies traded on the OTCQX market based on an equal weighting of one-year total return and average daily dollar volume growth in the previous calendar year.

Riverview Financial Corp. trades on the OTCQX market under the ticker symbol RIVE. Riverview has consolidated assets of $1.2 billion.