Projects get thumbs up

Blair County Planning Commission members Thursday gave a favorable review to four area projects:

– The redevelopment of the existing Casual Male XL clothing store site in the Park Hills Plaza into a Panda Express Restaurant.

As part of the proposal, the existing store structure will be demolished and replaced with a 2,200-square-foot restaurant building. New sidewalks, a drive-thru ordering lane, outdoor patio seating, landscaping and a parking lot reconfiguration is included in the project.

– A 352-square-foot addition and parking lot reconfiguration for the Brande Saad Group optometry office building at 1213 13th Ave.

The three parcels which comprise the site will be merged into a single 2075-acre lot.

– Martin’s Convenience Store renovation plan at 301 E. Walton Ave., which calls for renovation of an existing 1,924-square-foot full service gas station to be reused as a convenience store and self-serve gas/diesel station.

In addition to the reuse of the existing structure, fuel tanks and pumps, new sidewalks will be installed along East Walton Avenue and Kettle Street and various landscaping will be included.

– The Holliday Hills — Jackson Farm Drive Phase I Development Plan, which calls for creation of an 8.94-acre, 20-lot residential subdivision within the larger 130.9 acre Holliday Hills subdivision.

As part of this project, Jackson Farm Drive and Bartlett Lane will be extended, and two new alleys will be created, known as Jade Alley and Seckel Alley.

Sidewalks, street trees and street lights will be installed along the length of Jackson Farm Drive and Bartlett Lane extensions. Stormwater management controls, utility main extensions and service laterals will also be installed.