FeFi’s moving Kettle location

FeFi’s, the local convenience store chain, plans to replace Store No. 3 on Kettle Street with a bigger version across the alley.

The new store, in the former gas station at the corner of South Walton Avenue and Kettle, should be a more golden business location because there will be more room inside, more room in the parking lot, more visibility to attract potential customers — and gas pumps, according to the eight-store chain’s proprietor, Sam Fogal.

The new store will be the second of eight FeFi’s to have gas pumps, along with Store No. 2 on Seventh Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues, he said.

Like Store No. 2 and like Store No. 21 at Lloyd Street and East Sixth Avenue, the proposed new Kettle site is owned by Martin Oil, according to Fogal and Martin Oil Chairman Tom Martin.

Workers will remodel the former gas station building and install new above-ground gas pumping equipment, according to Fogal.

There will be four pumps on two islands and about 15 parking spaces.

The current store has parking for just five cars, Fogal said.

The project will cost about $35,000, he estimated.

The renovations should take about two months, followed by a week to move the contents of the current store, which shares a building with OIP — an operation that sits between the current FeFi’s and the new location, Fogal said.

The FeFi’s operation will probably need to close for a couple of days to accommodate the shift, Fogal said.

The project is contingent on land development approval from the city Planning Commission.

The building that houses the existing FeFi’s will be losing both its businesses — as OIP will be leaving in May.

Fogal is not sure what will become of the structure, although apartments and his business office are possibilities.

The building that will house the new FeFi’s has been empty for about four years, according to Fogal. Most recently, it was the site of a heating oil service business operated by Tom Martin’s son, he said.

Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 949-7038.