Blair County Non-Profit of the Month

Name: Empowering Lives Foundation

Years in existence: Since October 2015

Type of Non-Profit: 501C3

Populations served: We work with people who have complex lives in order to have meaningful lives in our communities by helping them discover their interests, contributions and conditions for success and then working with their families to develop a person-centered plan to achieve their goals.

Areas of focus: Empowering people to live connected lives by helping them discover their purpose and talents through social experiences and customized meaninful employment. We work with them to develop a person-centered plan so that they can build a meaningful life in our communities.

What services or programs does your non-profit provide? We are the adult advocate for the local Pa. Youth Leadership Network Chapter, and we operate an active Parent Resource Group. For the past two summers, we have operated a summer jobs program for Blair County high school youth.

If your civic group needs a speaker to discuss disability rights or employment regarding new/current regulations, we have speakers who will talk at your event.

Also, if you are an employer with unmet needs or who wants a more diverse and productive workforce, please contact us.

Contact information: or (814) 232-1730

Through cooperation with the Blair County Chamber of Commerce, the Mirror will feature a nonprofit corporation on the last Sunday of each month.