Blair County

Annie Johnston to Benjamin Miller, 301 Orchard Ave., Altoona, $89,000.

Sarah Stuver to Jennifer Carrington, property in Allegheny Township, $249,000.

Stacy and Jeremy Ritchey to Brian Wagner and Janelle Thayer, 208-212 53rd St., Altoona, $139,900.

Hayes Large Properties LP to J&C Bartley LLC, 3616-3618 Fourth Ave., Altoona, and 3607-3609 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $427,500.

James and Mary Fetterman to Amy & James Belko, 1414 Rose Hill Drive Ext., Logan Township, $105,000.

Joseph and Helen Pyzowski to Loni Baird, property in Blair Township, $178,000.

Ronald Seavers to Philip and Johanne Lindner, property in Greenfield Township, $220,000.

Finance of America Reverse LLC and Urban Financial of America LLC to 1TIME4U Properties LLC, property in Antis Township, $42,500.

Castle 2016 LLC to Barry Shumacher, Crawford Ave., Altoona, $21,000,

Robert and Mary Ellen Neff to John and Crystal Aurandt, 315 N. 8th Ave., Altoona, $60,000.

Benjamin and Mary Marney to Grace Pointe Community Church of God, 107 Reservoir Road, Frankstown Township, $180,000.

Barbara Karl to Shaun and Amber Ickes, property in Logan Township, $114,000.

Rebecca and Russell Geiner and Todd Lane to Alice Sturm, 311 22nd Ave., Altoona, $60,000.

Faith and Jeffrey Nelson and Jill and Richard Lasek to Green Land Enterprises LLC, 1401 & 1403 Walnut St., Hollidaysburg, $80,000.

Herbert J. Jr. and Janice Stoltz to Gary and Lynn Emerson, 411 Hudson Ave., Altoona, $95,000.

Dennis and Dana Fieni to Altoid Holdings LLC, 2304 Broad Ave., Altoona, $110,000.

Wilbert Cartwright to Travis Mangiacarne, 336 Mosser St., Altoona, $88,500.

James Parshall to Steven Parshall, property in Antis Township, $170,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Heather Quick, 526 E. Fifth St., Bellwood, $58,000.

John and Charlotte Bauman to Eileen and Rosina Sweigart, property in Taylor Township, $560,000.

Robert L. Creamer Sr. to Robert L. Creamer Jr., 1910 Third St., Altoona, $15,000.

Lynn and Gail Granville to William and Brenda Wertz, 2118 18th St., Altoona, $40,000.

Sovereign Grace Church of Central PA to Our Valley Properties LLC, 109-119 Bellview St., Altoona, $89,900.

Mona and Harold Eckley to Shannon Feathers, property in Greenfield Township, $25,000.

Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church, East Freedom United Methodist Church, United Brethren Church of East Freedom, East Freedom Church of the United Brethren in Christ to Edward and Chery Jelliff, property in Freedom Township, $40,000.

Gregg Webster to Scott and Holly Buchanan, 1202 Robin Lane, Blair Township, $165,500.00.

Dolores Burtnette to Ryan Wapner and Lauren Drost, 2614 10th St., Altoona, aka 915-921 29th Ave., Altoona, $88,000.

Jerry and Deborah Goldstein to Justin and Kelli Vent, property in Blair Township, $130,000.

Jason and Regina Trexler to Bradley Risbon, property in Logan Township, $54,000.

Shad and Melissa Goff to Tyler McConnell, 944 Edison Ave., Logan Township, $135,000.

Maxine Cover to Barry R. Jr. and Jennifer Gummo, 602 E. Atlantic Ave., Altoona, $92,900.

Donald and Donald R. Hileman Sr. to Sebastian Larosa, property Altoona, $115,000.

Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I Trust 2007-HE5 to Michael and Stacy Mattas, 705 Shamrock Lane, Newry, $65,100.

Bedford County

Wallace James Thorne Jr., to Jack D. Conrad, property in Lincoln Township, $90,000.

SJD Assoc. LLC, SJD Associates LLC, to Manspeaker Properties LLC, property in Bedford Township, $185,000.

Richard A. Stewart and Robert B. Custer to Anthony W. Plotts, property in East St. Clair Township, $225,000.

George and Sydney J. Dick to Stanley R. and Betty L. Brumbaugh, property in Liberty Township, $60,000.

Justin and Amber Greenawalt, Oleta M. Clark, Joyce Ann Zimmerman, Joyce Ann Heckman and Bruce H. Zimmerman to Amanda Lynn Henry, property in East Providence Township, $70,000.

Darren M. and Christabeth Few to Mika B. W. and Trina M. Brambley, property in East Providence Township, $86,000.

Fred E. and Connie R. Claycomb to Dennis R. and Sandra A. Gardner, property in Bedford Township, $90,000.

Karen F. Haney to Thomas L. and Jessica S. Dively, property in Saxton, $80,000.

William E. Sr. and Dana J. Hutchinson to Russell P. and Lisa M. Maurer, property in Londonderry Township, $17,400.

Ross Wheeler Horton, Levi James Horton, and Jack Benson Horton, to Brett R. and Emilie S. Fisher, property in West Providence Township, $130,000.

Terry D. Hinson to Natalie K. and Dustin Rager, property in Napier Township, $90,000.

Triple H. Holdings LLC. to Joshua R. Fox, property in Woodbury Township, $425,000.

Robert B. and Patricia B. Zeigler to John D. and Beverly W. Miller, property in Pavia Township, $12,000.

Blair County

Brenda Mae Kasubick and Glenn E. Shope Sr. Estate to Joseph T. and Carol Jean Cossick, property in Irvona, $75,000.

Jonathan G. and Constance D. Pope to Timothy M. and Abbie M. Jay, property in Sandy Township, $259,900.

Nancy D. Summers to Jeremy C. Singleton, property in Boggs Township, $260,000.

Donald S. ad Rebecca Jean Hand to William S. and Toni M. Bigelow and Thomas and Jeanne Puskaric, property in Sandy Township, $225,960.

DuBois Educational Foundation to Pennsylvania State University, property in DuBois, $765,008.

Ian W. and Susan E. Cuthbertson to Ralph G. Lingle Jr. and Ralph G. Lingle III, property in Clearfield, $101,000.

Susan Mussoline and Kathryn L. and Dennis J. Marino to Soi-Disant LLC, property in Clearfield, $97,500.

Northwest Bank and Northwest Savings Bank to Bonnie Lee Buck, property in Clearfield, $20,550.

Justin T. and Kara Wisor to Marlo and Chester III Weyand, property in Lawrence Township, $64,250.

JoAnn and Gary B. Krause and Barbara and Mark L. Schultz to Daniel J. and Penny N. McDonald, property in Pike Township, 491,817.

Sheree N. McCall, Spencer Land Company and James McCall to Alan Leslie Turner, property in Lawrence Township, $87,000.

Mary E. Webb to John L. Gallagher, property in DuBois, $84,000.

Carlie Gritzer and Ray Robert Harris Estate to GPA Group LLC, property in DuBois, $30,000.

Donald P. and Annette Smith to Donald P. Smith, property in Dubois, $60,000.

Adolfo Rapaport to Joshua and Dana M. Matonak, property in Sandy Township, $357,000.

Brenda Fida to James A. Hecei, property in Curwensville, $40,000.

Marina Harmon to Charles E. and Margaret J. White, property in Sandy Township, $160,000.

Jean M. Adams to Robert F. Jr. and Kimberly M. Bussey, property in Karthaus Township, $22,500.

Joseph M. Zinni to John Kennis Jr., property in Sandy Township, $25,000.

Huntingdon County

Barbara M. Maitland to Clifford James Beck, property in Union Township, $78,000.

Earl R. and Ruth E. Martin to Ronald E. Patterson Sr., property in Springfield Township, $123,500.

Robert R. Haffly to Mark Haffly, property in Tell Township, $154,269.00

Gwyn N., Gwen L. and Douglas Kent Scott and Mark J., Harvey L., Kathryn M., Eric R., Tracy K., John M., Rozan M. and George M. Norris and Linsey A. and Matthew J. Cousins to Harvey L. and Kathryn M. Norris, property in Penn Township, $35,000.

Gene R. and Joann M. Aldinger to Russell A. and Mary A. Osman, property in Shirley Township, $52,250.

Adam and Bobbi Jo Hicks to Natalie M. Sieber, property in Union Township, $175,000.

William H. and Kathleen R. Shearn to Jeffrey D. and Charlotte Z. Weaver, property in Shirley Township, $490,000.

Marianne H. Smith Martz Estate to Matthew Campbell, property in Warriors Mark Township, $235,000.

Joseph and Amy Horton and Amy Armagost to Marcus Childers and Aubrey Hedge, property in Todd Township, $97,850.

Robert W. and Jean A. Walls to Nathan Scheetz and Anthony Dellatore, property in Henderson Township, $167,500.

Lavern Holdings LLC to Uptown Dwellings LLC, property in Huntingdon, $79,500.

Gerald R. McKim Estate to C. Robert Patton, property in Union Township, $42,500.

Jeffrey N. Morgan to Daniel Wu and Jesse G. Hereda, property in Todd Township, $320,000.

Bryan F. and Karen A. Cisney to Zachary G. and Nicole E. Wright, property in Dublin Township, $147,800.

Boyd A. and Susan E. Hess to Thomas L. and Kenda J. Shaffer, property in Henderson Township, $35,000.­