Funds available to Antis Twp. homeowners

CDBG money leftover from street project

BELLWOOD — Grant money has been made available for the rehabilitation of Antis Township houses, owned by those who make low- to moderate-incomes, after a street improvement project was completed at a cost lower than what was originally estimated.

At a recent meeting, township grants administrator Ginger Patterson explained that Community Development Block Grant funds, originally allocated to a North Ninth Street improvement project, were not fully used.

Each year the township is given CDBG funds to make improvements in neighborhoods where residents meet established income criteria.

Community Development Block Grants are made up of federal funds, which trickle down from the state to the county and eventually to local municipalities.

Recently, those funds were used to cover the North Ninth Street project, which included the repair of dilapidated stormwater infrastructure

The project originally was estimated to cost $93,287, Patterson said.

However, when the project was bid out, a contractor agreed to do the work for $46,340, she said.

Supervisors voted Thursday to reallocate those excess funds to a home rehabilitation program, Supervisor Dave Worthing explained.

Through that program, the township distributes up to $24,000 to low- to moderate-income homeowners who need to make repairs to their homes, Patterson said.

Those repairs mostly include weatherization, Patterson said, explaining a home in the township recently received new roof shingles as a result of the program.

On Thursday, supervisors also voted to submit a 2017 CDBG funding application, stipulating that the money would be used for housing rehabilitation.

However, the intention is to eventually move that 2017 funding to cover a different project — improvements to a park along North Fifth Street, Patterson said.

Patterson said it is not yet clear if the park project will meet the criteria allowing it to be covered by the grant funds.

For 2017, the township’s CDBG allocation is $102,167, Patterson said. Only $83,777 will be available to the township because the county charges an administrative fee.

If the park project is not approved, that money will be used in the housing rehabilitation program, Patterson said, explaining about 13 homeowners are on a waiting list for the funds.

“I know I can spend it in housing rehab if we don’t get approval for it,” she said.

Mirror Staff Writer Sean Sauro is at 946-7535.