Blair County

Michael Noonan to Brad Stagner, property in Beverly Hills Phase III, Logan Township, $229,900.

Unifirst Corp to ORX Railway Corp., property in Antis Township, $500,000.

Jeremy and Susan Nagle to Nick Weidlich, 1600 21st Ave., Altoona, $115,000.

James Brumbaugh to Douglass and Janelle Weaver, property in Allegheny Township, $260,000.

Regis and Deborah Briggs to Joseph and Esther Hostetler, property in Tyrone Township, $85,000.

William Wilson to Harold and Ruth Miller, property in Antis Township, $25,000.

Frank and Annetta Arnold to Jeremy and Susan Nagle, property on Woods Lane, Antis Township, $233,000.

Julia Figart to Corey and H. Daniel Weaver, property on Rosehill Drive, Logan Township, $83,000.

Rebecca and C. Charles Reese to Timothy Barton, 2733-35 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $75,000.

Todd and Constance Guyer to Shane and Sara Hardy, property in Antis Township, $229,900.

Sara and Shane Hardy to Joseph and Anne Lidy, 4519 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd, Tyrone, Antis Township, $208,000.

Zelda Allen to Lawrence Morrissey, 705-11 E. Hartzell Ave., Altoona, $40,000.

Michael and Dana Heck to Starr Properties and Management LLC, 315 Franklin St., Hollidaysburg, $46,000.

James and Betsy Wyper to Tyson Steele, 804-810 Seventh Ave., Juniata, Altoona, $98,000.

Robert Patterson to Lance Myers, 1913-15 N. Fifth Ave., Altoona, $145,000.

Bedford County

Ernest H. Messick to Ernest H. and Matthew B. Messick, property in East Providence Township, $269,000.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Rainsburg Mountain Hardwoods, property in Hopewell Township, $44,000.

Steven C. Good, Steve C. Good to Daniel Brallier and Julie Showalter, property in Bedford, $108,000.

Michael D. Levesque and Molly Mark to Andrew Stough, property in Broad Top Township, $38,000.

Victor Z. and Sandra L. Hart to Chester D. and Judith L. Whaley, property in Pavia Township, $400,000.

Mary Jane Fetter and Joy Kay Clark to Susan K. and Randy S. Helsel, property in Bedford Township, $35,000.

Darlene Jean Carolan to Jordan R. Braman, property in Cumberland Valley, $120,000.

Troy D. and Connie L. Abe to Jack K. and Josh D. Gerhard, property in Southampton Township, $59,000.

Robert C. and Ada S. Brandegee to Michael J. Hartwiger and Steven F. Seifert, property in Londonderry Township, $113,449.

Joshua A. Yohe to James T. and Jamie R. Putt, property in Bedford Township, $89,900.

Darlene Scarcella and Darlene Williams to Bruce O. Shankle, property in West St Clair Township, $270,000.

Jack W. and Tammy R. Kincaid to Adam D. and Christine M. Phipps, property in Southampton Township, $18,500.

Wanda Burbulla, Dawn L. Lamburn, Alice W. and Thomas R. Griffith to Troy D. and Alicia N. Allison, property in Lincoln Township, $212,000.

William D. and Amelita C. Vanbrunt to Laurie B. Devine, property in Londonderry Township, $17,000.

Matthew C. and Jarica Troutman to Charles and Terri Olenik, property in West St. Clair Township, $20,000.

Mary Catherine Fleegle, Mary C. Fleegle to Timothy J. Jr. and Melissa A. Wingard, property in Bedford Township, $177,500.

Dwight L. and Jean Bollman to Eli C. Steiner and Kassandra D. Hockenberry, property in West Providence Township, $90,000.

Ryan M. Harr to Janet L. Ridenour and Brandon Foor, property in Kimmel Township, $60,000.

Scott D. Pittman to Travis E. and Misty D. Beegle, property in East Providence Township, $17,000.

Bonnie C. and Armin O. Hellmund to Harry Walter IV and Linda Irene Fitch, property in Broad Top Township, $28,500.

Kevin E. and Pamela S. Cook to Donald Alton and Sadonna Lynn Imler, property in Bedford Township, $80,000.

Partow Boroumand to Paul Kraisinger, property in Kimmel Township, $29,968.

Martin L. and Diana M. Weller to Let’s Rock Family Partnership, property in Harrison Township, $10,000.

Clearfield County

Nikki L. and James E. Sedgwick to Mark A. Spaid, property in Pike Township, $111,600.

Bonnie C. Maurer and Jason L. Unch Estate to Garrett M. Spence and Jayme L. Ryan, property in Goshen Township, $110,000.

Patricia K. Abrams to Thomas Lyons, property in Burnside Township, $28,000.

Paula M. and Wesley J. Knepp to James D. Smith and Bobbi Poole, property in Cooper Township, $20,000.

Joel M. and Donna L. Confer to David T. Jr. and Jennifer J. Hoover, property in Chester Hill, $31,951.

David T. Jr. and Jennifer J. Hoover to John R Wagner III, property in Chester Hill, $69,000.

Galaxias Properties LLC to Daniel C. Wallace, property in Sandy Township, $84,000.

John and Mary Beth Snyder Stewart to Morgan James Bambling, property in Morris Township, $45,000.

Horace A. Whiteman Jr., Linda Clay and Betty Jane Whiteman to James W. Reese, property in Covington Township, $72,000.

Alma R. Nava Rios to Algie M. and Amy L. Labrasca, property in Sandy Township, $480,000.

Jennifer L. Sedor to Wayne E. Jr. and Terri L. Christian, property in DuBois, $103,000.

Algie M. and Amy L. Labrasca to Frank S. Schall, property in Sandy Township, $445,000.

Brandon J. and Danielle L. McDowell to Eric and Mollie Neidrick, property in Cooper Township, $185,000.

Robert and Debora A. Brandt to Arthur D. Hanson and Donna R. Baum, property in Graham Township, $97,000.

Harry J. and Brittany A. Frisco to Carl Yebernetsky, property in Bloom Township, $85,000.

Doris M. Lanager and Lanager Family Revocable Trust to Dusty Moriarity and Kyley Peters, property in Lawrence Township, $82,500.

Brandon E. and Samantha A. Connor to Anne K. Hughes and Corey Smith, $120,000.

Anna M. Kephart and Anna M. Kephart Revocable Trust to Nickolas E. Hullihen and Ashley R. Clark, property in Pike Township, $112,000.

Joni K. Sinfelt and Betty Jean Walls Estate to Michael T. Wingate, property in Sandy Township, $229,000.

Huntingdon County

MTGLQ Investors LP and Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to Scott G. and Jennifer A. Atherton, property in Alexandria, $48,000.

Samuel C. Jr. and Denise D. Skipper to Randall J. and Joseph Bjuron Chilcote, property in Mount Union, $50,000.

Dorothy M. Miller Trust to Steven G. and Nancy B. Weikel, property in Penn Township, $140,000.

Jeffrey L. Henry to Jeffrey L. Henry Family LP, property in Union Township, $155,510.

Alan G. and Katherine A. Secrest to Donald T. and Cindy A. Gibboney, property in Huntingdon, $159,000.

Stephen Flytuta to Steven M. and Brandy C. Buckley, property in Morris Township, $45,000.

Scott G. and Jennifer A. Atherton to Bradley L. Williams, property in Huntingdon, $84,900.

Simmons Realty Co. Inc. to 201 Jefferson Street LLC, property in Mount Union, $550,000.

Elbert N. and Elbert N. Jr. Kurze to Sally L. Bilger, property in Saltillo, $67,000.

Scott and Carmella M. Wilkins to John R. Shaffer and Maryelyn A. Hunter, property in Warriors Mark Township, $223,000.

Evaline E. Lininger Estate to Stephen C. and Stephanie L. Fisher, property in Oneida Township, $17,000.

Eugene Hess to Clinical Research Associates of Central PA LLC, property in Lincoln Township, $110,000.

Jean D. Peachey and Jean D. Boonie to Ian M. and Tammy Zerbe, property in Huntingdon, $80,000.

Jason L. and Stephanie M. Horton to William K. and Carolyn G. Brown, property in Wood Township, $120,000.

Edward D. and Tammy J. Carolus to Herman Frederick E. Espey III, property in Porter Township, $285,000.

Frances R. Remek Estate to Hervey P. Hann and Sandra K. Uttley, property in Huntingdon, $122,500.

Robert E. Jr. and Karen B. Fisher, Sandra Kay McClain, Gary L. and Cathy Mae Fisher to Jason McMahon, property in Union Township, $125,000.

Ben Wunsch Family LLC to Struck Properties LLC, property in Smithfield Township, $450,000.

Todd E. Jr. and Eva N. Diven to Gary L. and Carie L. Richards, property in Mount Union, $77,000.

Jarrett L. Fix to Stephen R. Derstine, property in Clay Township, $80,000.