Blair County

Thomas and Shelley Claycomb to Nathanael and Jennifer Fridgen, Williams St., Roaring Spring and Taylor Township, $155,000.

Gerald Snyder to Trevor Beiswenger and Hilary Whitsel, 3794 Kettle Road, Tyrone Township, $125,000.

Donald Bookhammer to Michael Burns and Crystal Socoski, Main St., Roaring Spring, $64,500.

Steven Burtnette to Scott and Jennifer Cox, property in Logan Township, $75,000.

Russell Steele to Metzler Family Limited Partnership, property in Taylor Township, $318,000.

Sharree and Aaron Ritchey to Raymond Black, property in Freedom Township, $153,000.

Don and Karen Elbin to Dean R. Butterbaugh III and Sharree Ritchey, property in Taylor Township, $400,000.

Thomas Murphy to Daniel and Vicki Mason Living Trust, 2600 Broad Ave., $60,000.

Ralph and Patricia Bennett to Lauren Shuma, 1610 Third St., Altoona, $46,000.

Eugene Lang to Christine Cooper, property in Frankstown Township, $175,000.

Brad Johnson to Adam Clark, property in Altoona, $22,000.

Christina Leonard to Altoona Regional Rentals LLC, 627-629 N. Sixth Ave., Altoona, $57,000.

Mabel Feltenberger to Joshua and Jessica Flaugh, property in Freedom Township, $75,000.

2200 Pleasant Valley Boulevard LLC to Mill Run Auto Parts Inc., 2200-2006 Pleasant Valley Boulevard, $218,000.

R & B Properties of Blair County LLC to Window World of Altoona Inc., Vision Drive, Allegheny Township, $85,000.

Paul F. Jr. and Holly Lilly to Nathan Corle, 1520 22nd Ave., Altoona, $82,900.

Larry and Sharon Moore to Trentan and Dennis V. Walter Jr., 205-207 E. Third Ave., Altoona, $130,000.

Tyrone Masonic Hall Assoc. to Anderson-Denny Post No 4559 Veterans of Foreign Wars of The United States, property in Tyrone, $125,000.

Blaine and Eugenia Barefoot to Cory Clark, 115 Bell Ave., Altoona, $74,900.

William Lowey to William L. Jr. and Hershel Lowey, 911 N. Fourth Ave., $57,500.

Gary and Natasha Mielnik to Andrew Clingerman, property in Blair Township, $110,000.

Ernest and Sherlyn Ebersole to John A. Jr. and Rhonda Watchey, property in Frankstown Township, $210,000.

Alysha Kachur to Gary and Teresa Kauffman, 2805 Elm St., Altoona, $109,000.

Citizens Bank of PA. to William Mallery, 912 Millville Road, Altoona, $36,000.

RBS Financial Products Inc. and Greenwich Capital Financial Products Inc. to Heath Walk, 2921 Spruce Ave., Altoona, $29,299.

Ryan and Amanda McClellan to John and Debbie Fosselman, Park Forest Lane, Antis Township, $256,000.

Dawn Leeper to Vickie Richards, 1913-1919 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $78,000.

Paul and Wanda Hammaker to David and Lora Dodson, Robinson Drive, Roaring Spring, $602,500.

James and Sharon Faber to Changsoo Hahm, property at Quince Court, Hollidaysburg, $287,500.

M&T Bank to Alicia Kline, 114 Garland Lane, Blair Township, $21,500.

Bedford County

Windber Professional Services Inc., to Alum Bank Professional Building LLC, property in West St. Clair Township, $145,000.

Betty L. Burket and John K. and Beverly S. Dugan to Michael J. and Michelle L. Peterson, property in Napier Township, $190,000.

Rebekah N. and Bradley J. Duffy to Travis Paul Rhodes, property in Cumberland Valley, $125,000.

Bryan and Angela Nilsson to Michael and Jessica Price, property in Hopewell Township, $25,200.

Clyde D. Stahl Jr. to Marcus D. Feight and Marilyn R. Stoltzfus, property in Bedford Township, $129,000.

Jack D. and Gloria J. Burkett to Marc and Melissa Laborde, property in Kimmel Township, $300,000.

Leroy and Betty J. Mock to Lu Dee Pong Daniel, Daniel Lu Dee Pong, property in West St. Clair Township, $34,900.

Terry W. Cover, Terry W. Cover Living Trust, Cover Terry W. Living Trust to Brandon M. Conlin, property in Harrison Township $65,000.

Terry W. Cover, Terry W. Cover Living Trust, Cover Terry W. Living Trust, property in Harrison Township, $139,000.

Patricia M. Oaks to Travis L. Clark, property in Bedford Township, $158,000.

Charles T., Carolyn L., Phyllis J., William H. and Linda D. Brown and Carol A. and Donald L. Cessna and Bruce S. and Susan E. Brown and Janet M. and Eugene L. Rogers to Rodney and Pamela Harr, property in King Township, $26,000.

Kevin R. and Richanda M. Croyle and Richard E. Cole to Teresa Wolfhope, property in West St. Clair Township, $59,000.

Joshua C. Redinger to Thomas Steven and Pamela F. Proffitt, property in Colerain Township, $19,000.

William A. and Kathleen A. Schultz to Peter J. Williams, property in Bedford Township, $42,000.

Cory J. and Jennifer L. Snyder to Kyle B. and Alicia D. Brown, property in West Providence Township, $204,000.

First Commonwealth Bank to Robert B. Hess, property in Liberty Township, $10,000.

Mark W. and Judith A. Stern to Micheal Richard Lunger, property in Cumberland Valley, $138,000.

Nancy C. Calhoun, Nancy Calhoun, to Travis and Candice Calhoun, property in Everett, $65,000.

Acorn Acres LLC to Darren C. and Heather L. Cassidy, property in East St. Clair Township, $260,000.

Karen R., Alex and Gregory L. Bulvin and Bernadette H. Shastay to Louis F. and Beverly A. Toke, property in Bedford Township, 185,000.

Gregory D. and Malinda A. Riley to Michael D. and Debra L. Gansner, property in Hopewell Township, $39,000.

Clearfield County

Brian S. and Elizabeth Charles to Craig E. and Melissa C. Poole, property in Sandy Township, $180,000.

Ruby Schoening Estate and Gary C. Conrad to Rebecca D. Cooudriet, property in Bradford Township, $70,000.

Samuel C. and Barbara S. Yoder to Jamey E. and Tracy L. Meyers, property in Greenwood Township, $75,000.

Pennsylvania State University to Scott A. and Leslie A. Moore, property in Sandy Township, $280,000.

Jeannette Chelgren and Leah C. Quarry Estate to Milfred L. and Michael G. Sr., property in Grampian, $23,750.

Raymond L. and Gail M. Stiner to Philip A. and Shelly L. Kochan, property in Girard Township, $17,963.

David J. and Melissa L. Taylor to James R. Rowles, property in Clearfield, $31,100.

James D. Smith to Neil Wolf, property in Dectur Township, $85,000.

Krista Lonesome to Michael J. and Karen M. Bly, property in DuBois, $62,000.

Roman H. and Sarah D. Hosteler to Jonas E. and Martha J. Fisher, property in Brady Township, $123,000.

Shane W. and Toni M. Sweeney and Lisa J. Pastusic to Mark C. and Elizabeth R. Woydick, property in Sandy Township, $259,000.

Lisa Marie and Ronald Lee Ayers to Patrick L. and Jo Ellen Shive, property in Cooper Township, $185,000.

William Jr. and Debra Serena to Donald Koller, property in Lawrence Township, $239,900.

Gregg J. and Doris E. Hudish to James M. Fye, property in Cooper Township, $27,900.

Ryan A. and Bethany E. Briskar to David C. and Amanda M. Strandburg, property in Clearfield, $150,000.

Betty Jane Bradford to Jared B. Hoffman, property in Karthaus Township, $20,000.

Huntingdon County

Stanley E. Hess to Nicholas M. and Kayla N. Miller, property in Todd Township, $80,000.

William D. and Lori J. Booher to Debra S. Kerlin, property in Shirley Township, $163,000.

Charles M. and Carol C. Smith to CMS and Associates Inc., property in Jackson Township, $156,131.

Roxanna L. Grubb Estate and George A. Jr. and Matthew I. Grubb, Melissa P. I. Ogden, Melissa P. I. Chesney and Christina M. Foster to Diane L. Payne, property in Cromwell Township, $76,900.

Dale W. and Christy L. Dowdy to Brian Eugene and Karla Deanne Wiser, property in Huntingdon, $228,050.

Lee J. and Debra M. Goss to Jeffrey S. and Angie K. Thornton, property in Penn Township, $34,900.

Prof-2013-S3 Legal Title Trust II and US Bank NA to Pamela Mitchell, property in Mount Union, $37,000

Troy K. and Lisa R. Hoover to Ted R. and Tina M. Reimel, property in Union Township, $138,000.

Sandra K. Scratchard to Sandra K. Scratchard and Edward D. Price, property in Huntingdon, $59,752.

Mervin Lee Stoltzfus to Larry W. and Audrey K. Hall, property in Dublin Township, $205,000.

R. Earl and Mary Jane Sauders to Vernon R. and Joanne M. Garman, property in Springfield Township, $130,000.

Jay R. and Amy Beth Yocum to Gail Galloway and Lisa M. Eichensher, property in Juniata Township, $28,000.

Ronald C. Sr., Alice Kay and Alice K. Lemin to Mark W. Brown, property in Broad Top City, $125,000.

Experienced Financial Group LLC to Lindsey M. Harker, property in Huntingdon, $85,000.

Raystown Country Homes LLC to Andrew M. Falkoff, property in Juniata Township, $52,500.