Planning to spend big on Mom?

Mirror photo by Gary M. Baranec / Renetta Deremer of Duncansville looks over the selection of hanging baskets of flowers Tuesday at Warner’s Florists Gifts Greenhouse at 179 S. Montgomery St. in Hollidaysburg.

Mother’s Day will be bigger and better this year. Con­sumers say they will spend more than ever on Mother’s Day this year, according to the National Retail Federa­tion’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Mother’s Day shoppers are expected to spend an average of $186.39 for the holiday, up from last year’s $172.22. With 85 percent of consumers surveyed celebrating the holiday, total spending is expected to reach $23.6 billion. That’s the highest number in the survey’s 14-year history, topping last year’s previous record of $21.4 billion.

According to the survey, consumers plan to spend $5 billion on jewelry.

“Mother’s Day is a significant holiday for the retail jewelry industry. It is the best holiday except for Christmas,” said Don Beerbower, president of Beer­bower Jewelers, Hollidaysburg.

There is quite a price range for Mother’s Day gifts.

“It can be anything as inexpensive as $25 or up to thousands, depending on people’s budgets. It is usually under $600 for most people. That covers about 90 percent of the sales. A decent Mother’s ring can cost from $400 to $600,” Beerbower said.

Mother’s Day is also a significant day for Dorman’s Jewelry and Kranich’s Jewelers.

“It is pretty good for us — not as much as it was years ago — but there is still good activity. It is one of our three biggest holidays with Christmas and Valentine’s Day,” said Mike Dorman, owner of Dorman’s Jewelry, 712 Pleasant Valley Blvd. “We do most of our business in the week leading up to the holiday. You can see the urgency that week.”

“Typically after December, November and May are the most important months of the year for jewelers,” said Charles Kranich, president of Altoona-based Kranich’s Jewelers. “It is a busy time of the year. A lot of people buy Mother’s rings. Diamond earrings, pendants and watches are all popular Mother’s Day gifts. The typical purchase is between $100 and $500.”

Consumers also are expected to spend $4.2 billion on special outings such as dinner or brunch, the survey said.

“It is our busiest day of the year; for most full-service restaurants, it is probably the busiest. We serve between 700-800 parties, which can have multiple people. The final count would be pretty good size,” said Calvin Russell, general manager of The Dream Restaurant, Hollidaysburg.

Mother’s Day is also very important for Finelli’s Italian Villa and the Altoona Grand Hotel.

“It is right up there with Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve,” said Frank Finelli, owner of Finelli’s Italian Villa, 1808 Fourth Ave. “We will have a full house.”

“Most places have a buffet, but we are serving mom,” he said. “She doesn’t have to get in line. She needs to be pampered and we are taking good care of her. It is a special day for mom.”

The Altoona Grand Hotel will hold a Mother’s Day brunch from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

“Mother’s Day has always been very important to us. Families take mothers out, they don’t cook, they are wined and dined. We generally have a full house; we serve between 300 and 500,” said Barry Shatoff, general manager.

Consumers will spend $2.6 billion on flowers for Mother’s Day, the survey said.

“It is the biggest day of the year for us. Mother’s Day Saturday and Valentine’s Day are our two busiest days of the year. They compete with each other,” said Gary Warner, owner of Warner’s Florist Gifts Greenhouses in Hollidaysburg.

“We sell a lot of hanging baskets, outside blooming plants and fresh arrangements. Hanging baskets just fly out of here; people buy two or three of them.”

Mother’s Day is huge for other florists.

“Mother’s Day is our biggest holiday — it is bigger than Valentine’s Day,” said Andrea Hammel, owner of Peterman’s Flower Shop, 608 N. Fourth Ave. “Popular items include potted flowers, begonias, impatiens, all the blooming stuff like hydrangeas, things to put on the porch. Hanging baskets are big, wave petunias are beautiful and out of this world. Anything bright and colorful – fresh cut flowers are a big seller.”

“Mother’s Day is very big; it is one of our biggest holidays of the year,” said Judy Wendt of Wendt’s Florist in Duncansville.

“We sell quite a variety, a little bit of everything. It doesn’t seem to be one particular thing,” Wendt said.

Mother’s Day is also a very important part of business at Creative Expressions Florist, 3977 Sixth Ave.

“Mother’s Day is always a very important part of our business. Roses, hydrangeas, calla lilies. Pink, yellow and lavender roses are bestsellers,” said owner Debbie Arnsparger.

Mirror Staff Writer Walt Frank is at 946-7467.