Behind the desk

Names: Cheryl Steiner and Amy Lantz

Company name: Cheryl’s Critter Cuts, LLC

Address: 910 Blair St., Hollidaysburg

Telephone number: 696-8733

Positions: Cheryl, Owner/Certified Groomer; Amy, Owner/Manager


Years with company: Cheryl & Amy: 10 plus

Family: Cheryl and Amy are sisters-in-law as well as business partners. Cheryl has been married for more than 16 years and has two sons, ages 12 and 9. Amy has been married (to Cheryl’s brother) for more than 15 years and has two children, a daughter, 14, and a son, 11.

What products or services does your company provide?

Our company provides grooming services ranging from toenail trims to specialty baths to haircuts for both cats and dogs. Even more than that though, we like to think we provide a warm, friendly environment for all the pets we see each day. Our goal is to make the grooming experience a positive one for pets and owners alike, while helping pets to maintain a clean, healthy coat and skin.

Who are your customers?

We see a wide range of customers from all over the area. We see retired people, business owners, young families, etc. We hope our atmosphere is one that is attractive and welcoming to every person and every pet.

What is your business day like?

On a typical day, we schedule from seven to 12 pets for grooming. The needs of our clients dictate how our day goes. Do we have an older pet that requires two people to make sure the groom is as smooth as possible? Maybe we have a puppy in for his first groom and we need to spend a little extra time to make sure coming to the groomer is something to look forward to. Whatever our schedule consists of, it’s always the pets that determine how our day is going to go.

What is the best business advice you have received?

Amy: Smile when you answer the phone. People hear that smile. Cheryl: Always give 110 percent of your abilities.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned on the job?

Amy: Animals add so much to our lives, and each animal has its own personality. I’ve learned to never make assumptions because of size or breed. Sometimes the biggest dogs, the scariest breeds, can be the most loving. Cheryl: Humanity before vanity. The needs of the pets must always take priority over a beautiful style or haircut.

What does the future hold?

We recently added another groomer to our Critter Cuts family. We hope to continue to grow and serve many more pets in the future.

What have you read lately that has influenced your business life?

Amy: I subscribe to a grooming blog written by a master groomer. Everything from new grooming techniques to laws and handling are discussed. Cheryl: There are several grooming manuals that are constantly being updated.

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