Blair County

Donald Dougerty to Daniel Mason Living Trust, property in Logan Township, $22,000.

Scott Gearhart to Christopher Rowles, property in Allegheny Township, $35,000.

Daniel and Emily Chverchko to Tyler Stiffler and Megan Mignogna, 468 Elliot St., Blair Township, $157,000.

Mary Smith, also known as Mary Margaret Smith, to Daniel and Emily Chverchko, property in Newry, $150,000.

Shawn and Stacy Lovrich to Tammy Dibert and James Vincent, 700-702 E. Bell Ave., Altoona, $119,000.

James and Barbara McLarren to Shawn and Stacy Lovrich, property on Deerfield Lane, Antis Township, $260,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Makowiecki Real Estate LLP, 138 Packard St., Greenfield Township, $25,000.

Richard and Barbara Johnston to Damian and Lori Branas, 1883 Dixie Lane, Logan Township, $43,000.

Boulevard Property Management LLC to Pyramid Healthcare Inc., 1894 Plank Road, Allegheny Township, $2,500,000.

Pyramid Healthcare Properties LP to Pyramid Healthcare Inc., 605 Ninth St., Altoona, $1,125,000.

Pyramid Healthcare Properties LP to Pyramid Healthcare Inc., Snyder Township, $375,000.

Brett and Karen Davis to Patty McGraw, property in Taylor Township, $72,900.

Jack and Melissa Hartman to Patty McGraw, property in Taylor Township, $44,500.

Rick and Amy Johns to Harold and Linda Hilling, 408 E. 26th Ave., $80,000.

Julian and Crystal Pedrazzani to 764 Realty LP, property in Allegheny Township, $170,000.

Dennis and Debra Maddas to Michael and Brandi Burget, property in Allegheny Township, $120,000.

Nancy Hamer to Nickolas Conrad to Alyssa Lechner, 108 Pinecroft Ave., Antis Township, $79,900.

Freddie Mac and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jody and Edward Marks III and Trey Furio, 213-215 E. Cherry Ave., Altoona, $27,000.

Stephen and Tina Kimel Living Trust to Anthony and Megan Fickes, 1108 Hedge St., and 1005 Fern Ave., Hollidaysburg, $209,500.

Edward Barszczowski to Wendell and Dorcas Hursh, property in Woodbury Township, $350,000.

Floyd Ritchey and Steve Stanker Living Trust and Leisure Living Charitable Remainder Unitrust to Jack and Janet Housman, property in  Greenfield Township, $12,000.

Christopher and Kristen Carrier to Joshua Bussard, property in Roaring Spring, $67,000.

Bedford County

Jack and Nancy Schickel to Hillary K. Roadman, property in Cumberland Valley, $167,000.

Joseph R. Jr. and Wendy K. Manspeaker to Justin J. Martin, property in Liberty Township, $207,100.

Melody R. Hamman and Melody R. and David Blair to Gerald B. Jr. and Barbara J. Sigado, property in Liberty Township, $16,000.

Robert W. Fleetwood Jr. to Eric J. Brancho, property in Napier Township, $53,900.

Delphine C. Gates to Lon W. and Kathy A. Gates, property in South Woodbury Township, $137,500.

James A. and Louann Shontz to Gary Jay Shontz, property in Liberty Township, $200,000.

Kondaur Capital Corp. to Melanie R. and Barbara Murphy, property in Monroe Township, $34,900.

Donald E. and Diane I. Cessna to Leann Marie Greise and Scott Jearald Cessna, property in Southampton Township, $60,000.

Margaret L. Foor to Federal National Mortgage Association, property in Hopewell Township, $40,000.

Jody A. Kehm to Federal National Mortgage Association, property in Bedford Borough, $10,000.

H. Lee Cessna to Lucas J. Morgart, property in Colerain Township, $169,900.

Elizabeth C. England to Rebecca Miller and Joshua Weist, property in Everett Borough, $93,500.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Brian R. Koontz Jr., property in Cumberland Valley, $96,551.

Cambria County

Ronald J. Nagle to John C. Sheesley, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $49,000.

Tyler J. Trimbath to Warren M. Whitmyre III, property in Richland Township, $175,000.

John Lozar to DB Homes Inc., property in Richland Township, $125,000.

Larry W. Brugh to Donald A. Della, property in Cresson Township, $253,000.

Leon A. Rapski Revocable Living Trust to Joshua A. Mihalko, property in Croyle Township, $15,500.

Margaret Flick to Peter A. Melotti,  property in Portage Borough, $50,000.

Dennis A. Storm to David M. Woods, property in Elder Township,  $34,000.

Zelma A. Livingston to S&R Real Estate LLC, property in Upper Yoder Township, $25,000.

Melanie A. Cicon to Carla J. Enos, property in Johnstown’s 21st Ward,  $13,000.

Daniel D. Monte to Family Dream Home Rentals LLC, property in Johnstown’s 10th Ward, $11,000.

Clearfield County

Lester A. and Susan M. Byler to Noah C. and Crist A. Byler, property in Westover Borough, $225,000.

Mark Andrew Wheeler Sr. to DuBois Regional Medical Center, trading and doing business as Penn Highlands DuBois, property in Dubois, $199,000

Vincent M. and Danielle N. Perry to Austin W. Davidson and Nicole E. Anzalone, property in Decatur Township, $90,000.

Donald E. and Caroline A. Osewalt to Ryan T. Smith, property in Houtzdale Borough, $95,000.

Cen-Clear Child Services Inc. to David C. Sr. and Doris E. McClure, property in Decatur Township, $35,000.

Keith Beauseigneur to Toby J. and Tammie M. Mebs, property in Graham Township, $115,000.

Dustin D. Quigley to Phillip Scott Wyant, property in Lawrence Township, $74,000.

Wendy M. Zmitravich to Justin S. Zmitravich, property in DuBois, $27,000.

Rick L. and Lisa A. Ryver to Calvin W. Wood, property in Graham Township, $140,000.

Richard Love and Marcella Love Estate to William M. Harchak, property in Woodward Township, $15,000.

Dawn M. McGraw to Christopher W. and Jaclyn A. Wechtenhiser, property in Clearfield Borough, $87,000.

Scott Sutterlin to Mark Wheeler, property in Sandy Township, $125,000.

William H. and Stephanie Dixon to Richard L. Frantz, property in Union Township, $130,000.

Mark William and Christina A. Houser to Howard W. and Martha J. Deppe, property in Morris Township, $107,500.

David and Hannah Miller to Matthew E. and Kimberly L. Delarme, property in Brady Township, $115,000.

David E. and Susan L. Jones to Dustin D. and Shiree L. Jones, property in Dubois, $81,000.

Carolyn Duffee and Walter R. Kulp Estate to Kenneth E. Jr. and Linda L. Baney, property in Lawrence Township, $61,000.

Geneva A. Malewicz and Carol J. and Gus J. Lewis to Ryan G. Armstrong, property in DuBois, $133,550.

SBA Steel LLC to Eric and Lauren Lundgren, property in Sandy Township, $10,000.

Genevieve J. Hoffman to Joshua I. Sykes and Tabitha E. Marlar, property in Lawrence Township, $45,000.

Lynda M. and Frank T. Saggese to Francis E. Yankevich, property in Clearfield Borough, $20,000.

Brenda L. Allen to Eric R. and Christina M. Dilts, property in Brady Township, $174,000.

Stephanie S. Rindosh to Andrew T. and Jennifer R. Klark, property in Sandy Township, $13,000.

Huntingdon Country

Lois P. Gable Trust to Wesley R. Foltz, property in Tell Township, $60,000.

Vera O. Davis Estate to Timothy A., Virginia A., Timothy D. and Melanie A. Snare, property in Juniata Township, $156,000.

James M. Carnahan and Lisa M. Thompson to Timothy J. and Connie J. Port, property in Mill Creel Borough, $170,000.

Darlene R. and Mark L. Riling, Melissa A. Hetrick and Norma J. Knable to James R. Cassatt Sr., property in Huntingdon Borough, $30,000.

Karla M. Arevalo and Karla M. Burton to Frank A. Rogers and Kimber L. Winfield, property in Huntingdon Borough, $67,000.

Gaylene F. Renninger to Andrew K. Sr. and Kristina L. Krause, property in Shirley Township, $25,000.

Terri R. Weicenburg and Carolann S. Weyandt to Texas Eastern Transmission LP, property in Shirley Township, $230,000.

Donald B. Nycum Estate to Jay D. and Karen A. Seachrist, property in Cromwell Township, $62,500.

William A. and Christie L. Jeffries to Scott J. Snyder, property in Shirley Township, $160,000.

Wilbur C. and Craig W. Moore to Darrell R. Moore, property in Cromwell Township, $15,000.

Joseph L., Wendy, Clint J. and Kristina Bonson to Christopher E. and Karen L. Carney, property in Juniata Township, $235,000.

Charles M. and Pamela J. Dean to Alaric Charles Abreu, property in Penn Township, $179,900.

US Bank NA and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Cory M. Sisto, property in Mount Union Borough, $33,000.

Carole R. Bard to Eric Christopher Wilson, property in Oneida Township, $99,000.

Eileen I. Moore to Philip E. and Hazel E. Shoaf, property in Huntingdon Borough, $182,500.

Avery R. Baker to Karen R. Wyland, property in Henderson Township, $170,000.

John K. Cowan by Custodian to Janelle A. Shetrom, property in Walker Township, $29,000.

Robert L. Kyler to Addison C. Yingling, property in Porter Township, $95,000.

Brett W. and Darlene L. Shope to JONA LLC, property in Huntingdon Borough, $68,000.

Joanne E. Kutulakis, Troy A. and Tina M. Fluss to Keven Lee and Noelle Keel, property in Penn Township, $142,170.