Ward Transport creates new image with old look

Ward Transport & Logistics is taking on a new but old look.

“We are creating a look, which we call ‘mintage,’ blending modern elements with vintage elements of the business,” said Elizabeth Ward, marketing and business analyst and a member of the fourth generation of the family that founded the business as Ward Trucking in 1931.

The company is undergoing a rebranding using the slogan “Ship the Ward Way,” created by company founder William W. Ward.

“This hits home with a lot of people. A lot of longtime customers remember ‘Ship the Ward Way.’ I think for the longtime customers, it brings back memories,” said William T. Ward, CEO and chairman. “For new customers, it shows them our longevity and how we have served our customers over the years.”

The new logo was designed by company creative designer Bill Bettwy.

“We are a modern company looking ahead. We took the old branding message and made it into a modern logo, a vintage slogan with a modern update on lettering,” Bettwy said.

“The center is modern lettering and the outside has the vintage lettering,” William T. Ward said.

The new logo will appear on all company vehicles, but it will probably take a couple of years for that work to be completed as Ward has a fleet of 500 tractors, 1,100 trailers and 90 straight trucks.

The new logo will also appear on all company-related materials.

“We are rebranding the entire business, everything that touches the employees, customers and vendors. It will be on all employee forms and business cards,” Elizabeth Ward said.

“Our goal is internal branding. The company is getting the employees up to snuff on what ‘Ship the Ward Way’ means,” Bettwy said.

The company quit using the logo in the late 1970s and underwent other marketing campaigns over the years, but “Ship the Ward Way” was what people most remembered, said William T. Ward. He said other companies have gone back to vintage logos.

“You stick to what works. You need to stay relevant and differentiate yourself from other companies,” Elizabeth Ward said. “I think it is a very exciting time in the industry and our company. Coming in as the fourth generation is real important as we continue to stay relevant and build upon the relationships we’ve built. We need to put our foot on the gas pedal. Momentum is everything in our industry.”

Ward Transport & Logistics is one of the few family-owned and operated businesses that are into the fourth generation, William T. Ward said.

“I think the underlying message of ‘Ship the Ward Way’ is the same: We always serve our customers first. That is how we train our people. Multiple generations have worked here. That shows up in the service we provide with the many loyal employees we have. That has never changed,” William T. Ward said.

Mirror Staff Writer Walt Frank is at 946-7467.