New businesses open

HUNTINGDON – Three new sports-related small businesses hope to become local success stories with the assistance of Huntingdon County Business and Industry.

Crooked Creek Arms LLC opened in early October at 213 Standing Stone Ave. Owner/founder Matthew Rakar, whose business manufactures both ammunition and firearms, has been involved in shooting sports for many years.

He also specializes in gun repairs and gun customization.

“We offer something different in the area. You see people with customized vehicles and motorcycles; everyone wants their things customized. I wanted to offer that to the guys with their guns. We can provide a truly custom service for whatever you need regarding firearms or ammunition,” said Rakar, who also teaches technology education at Huntingdon High School.

The Anser Decoy Co. LLC and the Sportsman’s Shopping Network are web-based businesses.

Founded by retired Army combat arms officers Chuck Elder and Jim Orr, Anser Decoy specializes in selling snow goose decoys.

“We design, build and sell the only 100 percent American-made windsock decoys in the industry. I have owned James Creek Outfitters for 18 years. We are known in Pennsylvania as the Snow Goose Hunting Guys,” Elder said. “The biggest thing is they are 100 percent manufactured in Pennsylvania.”

The Anser Decoy Co. website ( went online at the end of September and should be 100 percent operational soon, Elder said.

The Sportsman’s Shopping Network ( should be up and running within the next week or so, said Gloria Griffith, co-owner with her husband, Dave, and his brother, Rick.

“We are starting a sports shopping network where people can buy or sell any piece of sporting equipment.”

HCB&I provided some start up funding for Crooked Creek ($59,000) and Answer Decoy ($42,500) through its revolving loan fund.

“We invested less than 50 percent of total project costs. The remainder came from local banks and private equity. We also have done significant work in business counseling and planning, marketing and finance strategies,” said Amy Wise, executive director.

Mirror Staff Writer Walt Frank is at 946-7467.