Cellphone rescue store opens in Logan Valley Mall

A new business in the Logan Valley Mall can help people whose cellphones get wet.

Phone Surgeons, which opened Aug. 18, is the local dealer for the DryBox Rescue system, which they said can dry out a wet phone in 30 minutes.

The DryBox looks similar to a microwave and utilizes a patent-pending drying chamber as part of a process that rapidly removes moisture at the molecular level from small electronic devices, said John Russell, president of Evansville, Ind.-based Phone Surgeons.

Russell met DryBox officials at a cell phone trade show in Las Vegas in May, and they decided to form a partnership.

“We both have the same vision for this segment of the wireless industry, which is poised for a great amount of growth. There are 31 million cellphones in the United States today that suffer some kind of water damage. That equates to 85,000 a day. It is a huge problem and affects a lot of people,” said Dean Chouinard, CEO of DryVentures Inc., San Antonio, Texas, which manufactures the DryBox system.

Phone Surgeons offers same day service to dry out cellphones, and 80 percent of those that go through the machine work, Russell said.

Phone Surgeons will charge $40 for repairs through the end of September and doesn’t charge anything if the phone doesn’t work, Russell said.

“You need to get it to us within 48 hours for the best results. We have done phones that have been wet for one or two weeks. The sooner they get it to us, the better the chances are it will work,” Russell said.

Russell has opened eight stores and plans to open another at 1014 Pennsylvania Ave. in Tyrone around Oct. 1.

“We have a plan to open new stores in this area and throughout Pennsylvania,” Russell said.