Stapelfeld picked for award

TIPTON – The co-founder and chairman of the board of New Pig Corp. has been selected as the recipient of the Blair County Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award for Business Excellence.

Ben Stapelfeld will receive the award at the Business Excellence Dinner June 17 at The Casino at Lakemont Park.

Chamber President and CEO Joe Hurd called Stapelfeld an outstanding choice.

“He has been a person who has been nominated several times throughout the years because of the positive influence he has had on Blair County’s business economy through the creation and ongoing growth of New Pig,” Hurd said.

“He’s been a guy that has had the rare opportunity to be there from the beginning and watched the business start out and been the primary person orchestrating the growth taking place there.”

Stapelfeld will be the 12th award recipient since Ernie Wissinger received the first in 2002. Other winners have been G. William Ward (2003), Stephen Sheetz (2004), Donald Devorris (2005), Willard Campbell (2006), John Wolf (2007), Lee Hite (2008), Donald Detwiler (2009), Michael McLanahan (2010), Barry Smith (2011) and Fred Imler (2012).

Stapelfeld picked for award