Gardners Candies to expand

TYRONE – Gardners Candies’ plant is cramped and free space is scarce.

“It’s a good problem to have,” said company President Sam Phillips, and it’s why the manufacturing facility will be expanding.

Phillips said the 50,000-square-foot Tyrone plant will grow by roughly 12,000 square feet by fall.

Phillips said Bill Sarris, chief executive officer of Gardners’ parent company, Sarris Candies, is working on finalizing construction plans.

“The expansion is part of Gardners continued growth and success in a very competitive chocolate market,” Sarris said in a press release. “With costs continuing to rise, this addition will help control production costs and keep the quality of Gardners Candies at the highest standard.”

Phillips said the addition will be weather controlled and will be used for storage.

It will help the plant’s 75 employees get a jumpstart on holiday candy production, he said, especially in making the company’s famous Original Peanut Butter Meltaways.

The extra space also means the company will be hiring a few additional warehouse workers as well, he said. “This is an exciting announcement for both Gardners Candies and the residents of Tyrone.”

The 116-year-old company has 13 retail stores, 11 in Pennsylvania and two in Maryland, and Phillips said the expansion will ensure the company’s future as a major confectioner in the commonwealth.

“We’re excited about it. Gardners is doing very well, and we’ve had a good year,” Phillips said.