Blair County

Lawrence E. Floyd to Gail S. Corle, 26 Mansion Blvd., Altoona, $10,000.

John L. III and Linda M. Cramer to Samuel M. and Cindy Lee Dunkle, property in Frankstown Township, $349,000.

Daniel J. Jr. and Patricia M. Clark to Brannock & Shaw Properties LLC, 1208 20th St., Altoona, $25,000.

Henry E. and Liane M. Slicker to Mark Joseph Beck and Karlee Suzanne Tyler, property in Frankstown Township, $315,000.

Sheena L. Hicks to Keegan Lee Sawyer and Crystal L. Goss, 610 Shaw Road, Hollidaysburg, $180,000.

Cheryl L. Monthony to Sheena Hicks, 526 Pine St., Hollidaysburg, $118,000.

Darlene Lamertina to John D. Stanford, 713 N. Fifth St., Altoona, $15,000.

Adam Faight and Lyndi Smith to Lawkview Loan Servicing LLC, 2549 Third Ave., Altoona, $19,570.

Linda S. Shoup to Kelsey N. and Matthew S. Randolph, 2117 15th Ave., Altoona, $115,000.

HBS Real Estate LLC to Delta Bravo Investments LLC, 1300-1302 Logan Ave., Tyrone, $41,000.

Carl G. and June S. Ehgartner to Golden Hearts Homes LLC, property in Altoona, $50,150.

Vincent P. Lombardo to C&J Rental Management LLC, property in Altoona, $26,000.

Joseph F. Robertazzi Jr. to Joseph F. Robertazzi III, 1618-20-22 Logan Ave., Altoona, $80,000.

Patricia A. Rentz to Fogal Realty LLC, 111 S. Fifth St., Altoona, $25,000.

Fred and Geraldine T. Petrunak to Antis Township, property in Antis Township, $19,342.

Allan R., Nancy J., Edward F. and Nancy M. Kauffman to Michael S. Luther, property in Allegheny Township, $16,000.

Phillip H. and Nacy E. Pressler to Mountain Lake Companies LLC, 506 Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg, $125,000.

Michael C. Odellick to Bradley S. and Melissa C. Eaton, 108 Halleck Place, Altoona, $149,900.

Robert E. Green to Taylor and Katelyn S. Powers, property in Blair Township, $220,000.

Joseph A. Wharton to Liza M. Noel and Nicholas I. Cover, 108 W. 10th Ave., Altoona, $81,000.

Robert A. Jr. and Tabitha J. McKinley to Travis M. and Ashley N. Miller, 552 Park Ave., Tyrone, $85,000.

Brady C. Ebersole to Richard A. Jr. and Elizabeth M. Tate, Walnut Street, Roaring Spring, $134,000.

Donald T. and Barbara A. Detrick to Heath Fox and Sally J. Isenberg, property in Duncansville, $80,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Douglas William Grissinger, 124 23rd Ave., Altoona, $80,500.

Metzler Family to Justin D. and Brooke J. Hoover, property in Huston Township, $56,000.

Donald A. DeGol Sr. to Adam and Megan Harshberger, property in Logan Township, $320,000.

Dale A. and Sally J. Wronski to PTV 1014 LLC, property in Allegheny Township, $170,000.

Charles L. Keith to David Scott and Susan R. Bonsell, property in Tyrone, $25,000.

PennCrest Bank and C&G Savings Bank to J-Tah Homes Limited Liability Co., 406-408 Beech Ave., Altoona, $17,500.

Adam W. and Dana C. Campbell to Timothy R. and Bonita J. McMillen, property in Antis Township, $165,000.

Larry D. Grassmyer to Michael and Michele Snyder, 516 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $17,000.

James S. and Lisa A. Skoda to Jordan and Jordyn Conrad, Justin Street, Hollidaysburg, $285,000.

Deborah E. Holsinger and Deborah A. Holsinger to Anthony L. Sr. and Sabiran M. Hoey, property in Logan Township, $35,000.

Sirva Relocation Properties LLC to Tanya McCormick, 508 Baldwin Lane, Hollidaysburg, $180,000.

Scott A. and Cindy D. Gampe to Jarred Himes, property in Frankstown Township, $62,500.

Jason J. and Susan T. Mazzei to Jeffery L. and Pamela L. Brown, 1040 Third Ave., Duncansville, $40,000.

Randall W. Smith to Robert N. and Dorothy W. Lucas, Columbia Avenue, Tyrone, $89,900.

Greathouse Manor Inc. to Ronald C. and Tracy L. Mock, property in Antis Township, $167,500.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C., to Steven E. Pheasant, Walton Avenue, Altoona, $87,000.

Joseph W. and Wanda Kelly to Brian Lee Johns, property in Logan Township, $38,000.

Robert J. and Sharon G. Wallace to Dennis A. and Tara P. Miller, Chapel Drive, Altoona, $247,000.

Constance A. Kowalski to Michael S. and Rebecca Brown, property in Logan Township, $200,000.

Broad Street Funding Trust to AWE Investments LLC, property in Blair Township, $21,850.

Yvonne C. Hand, Yvonne C. Wertz and Adam Kyle Hand to Benjamin Shoop, property in Frankstown Township, $145,000.

Gerald and Susan Conrad to Paul E. Jr. and Stephanie Farber, Broad Avenue, Altoona, $71,000.

A. Dean Knisely to Douglas M. Beckman, property in Freedom Township, $90,000.

Bradley C. and Nicole Germaux to Corey W. and Brenda L. Finnegan, property in Freedom Township, $90,000.

James E. and Therese M. Blocher to Paul B. Noakes and Bryan A. Senior, 103 Second Ave., Altoona, $43,000.

Daniel J. and Kristine L. Heininger to John T. Weyandt, 203 Franklin St., Hollidaysburg, $135,000.

Nancy L. Stotler to TCH Solutions LLC, 601 N. 10th Ave., Altoona, $53,000.

Robert J. and Karen J. Conrad to Keli J. Steele, 525 Poplar St., Roaring Spring, $167,500.

Cletus J. and Darlene J. Wilt to Daniel J. and Kristine L. Heininger, property in Blair Township, $245,000.

Skills of Central Pennsylvania to Deborah Barry, 1221-1223 Walton Ave., Altoona, $120,000.

Bedford County

Thompson Real Estate Holdings LLC to First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union, property in Londonderry Township, $68,000.

Gloria Buttry Sadler to John H. Wolfe III and Daine L. Nicholas, property in East St. Clair Township, $110,000.

First Commonwealth Bank to David A. Anderson, property in Liberty Township, $18,000.

Laverne C. Smith to Travis E. Rininger and Laura Forshey, property in East St. Clair Township, $85,000.

Barbara Ann Field to Michael M. and Susan Martin, property in Monroe Township, $45,000.

Nadia Yingling to Michelle L. Hockenberry, property in West Providence Township, $130,000.

CR 2018 LLC to Paul and Ramona Bartholow, property in Everett Borough, $10,000.

Matthew C. and Elizabeth S. Meyer to Michael A. Turkovich, property in Bedford Borough, $212,765.

Robert K. and Dawn L. Leasure to Ricky W. and Suzzette M. Eversole, property in Londonderry Township, $20,000.

Clearfield County

Elaine L. Finney to Jonathan A. Rigsby, property in Woodward Township, $57,000.

Christopher J. and Yuki Balliet to Joseph G. and Kimberly A. Peterka, property in Sandy Township, $90,000.

Keith S. and Lorena F. Mason to Nolan Glenn Rocky and Jennifer Irene Rhodes, property in Clearfield Borough, $27,000.

Frank W. Albert Estate and Jamie Condon to Kutsel Real Estate LLC, property in Sandy Township, $33,000.

James P. and Donna M. Finnucan to Donald G. and Patricia L. Kendall, property in Sandy Township, $65,000.

Michael E. and Sandra Bumpers to Denielle Swonger, property in DuBois, $84,500.

Donald S. Bouch to Richard W. McDivitt, property in Mahaffey Borough, $29,000.

Alan J. and Faith J. Collins to Andrew R. and Brianna M. Fetcenko, property in Ferguson Township, $12,500.

John T. and Clare Hook to Cody and Kristine Haag, property in Sandy Township, $203,000.

Christopher J. and Kimberly A. Schnarrs to Cheyenne S. Albert, property in Graham Township, $140,000.

Nova Development Corp. to Graver Lake LLC, property in DuBois, $35,000.

Robert L. and Frances I. Baxter to Deborah A. Lamison, property in Brisbin Borough, $100,000.

Alicia and Matthew Lutz to Kieren N. Kephart, property in Morris Township, $75,000.

Brandon C. and Amanda L. Gardner to Nicholas J. Weld, property in Covington Township, $107,000.

Kelly and Anthony Copa to Douglas and Jessica M. Maines, property in Graham Township, $20,000.

Raymond F. Maines Estate and Vickie J. Erickson to John E. Lumadue, property in Bradford Township, $95,000.

Kimberly A. Owens and William A. Marsh Estate to Tina M. Wrye, property in Lawrence Township, $78,000.

Tina M. Wrye to Trent A. Norris, property in Lawrence Township, $120,000.

Dennis L. and Judith D. Folmar to Josiah and Dana Jones, property in Morris Township, $53,744.

Joseph C. and Fern M. Reiker to Brian E. and Kim M. Elwell, property in Sandy Township, $350,000.

Peggy C. Knott and Peggy C. Knott Trust Agreement to Sharon L. Camhi and Jeffrey R. Lape, property in Sandy Township, $439,000.

Brett L. Hawk to Robert W. Gallagher, property in Decatur Township, $40,000.

Huntingdon County

Diane L. Stroman Estate to William L. Woomer and Lonnie A. Wagner Woomer, property in Huntingdon Borough, $100,000.


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