Blair County

Gregory S. and Karen K. Patton to Rebecca M. Fagan and Dustin A. Weaver, property in Antis Township, $170,000.

Steven J. Clapper to Donald E. Jr. and Susan M. Hileman, property in Woodbury Township, $36,960.

Brush Oaks LLC to Linda R. Bierkland, property in Logan Township, $33,500.

Mary Ellen Hoover to Brandon J. and Megan J. Hartman, 735 W. 15th St., Tyrone, $215,000.

Brandon M. Jones to William C. and Lora Marie Cann, 529-531 N. Fifth Ave., Altoona, $106,399.

Jay R., Lisa A. and Amy J. Hoff to Brenda K. Savino, property in Snyder Township, $130,000.

James R. III and Jessica M. Dunlap to Laura R. and Shawn M. Cunningham, property in Frankstown Township, $144,000.

Holly C. Taddy and Holly C. Regala to Sabrina M. and Timothy Deramus, Tunnelhill Street, Gallitzin, $74,200.

Michael S. and Rebecca M. Brown to Blake and Amber Nichole Evans, property in Altoona, $143,000.

PennCrest Bank and C&G Savings Bank to John S. and Kiley R. Hoffman, 1004-1006 25th Ave., Altoona, $90,000.

Robert G. Bollinger to Allen and Bridget Rezac, Greenwood Road, Altoona, $19,500.

Luther Edwin Kerlin to Donald R. and Dorothy I. Weaver, property in Juniata Township, $80,000.

Samuel J. and Wendy A. McCloskey to Martin C. III and Alyssa R. Banks, property in Logan Township, $142,000.

Barbara A. Edevane to Nathan T. and Hannah C. Williams, property in Antis Township, $125,000.

Michael D. and Linda K. Grove to Kevin L. Gates, property in Frankstown Township, $180,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Shad Louis Goff, 1108 Cross Grove Road, Box 281, Roaring Spring RD 1, $14,500.

Jeff and Nichole Cekovich to Frederick M. and Gail B. Regets, property in Blair Township, $100,000.

Samuel D. Waite to Bobbi L. Williams, property in Tyrone, $126,900.

Hillary A. Gutshall and Thomas B. Nilsen to JTV Enterprises Inc., property in Allegheny Township, $106,000.

Joseph W. and Patricia Lee Dorfmeister to Richard Schnaubele, 1305-1307 First Ave., Altoona, $42,000.

Mark A. and Brenda J. Swope to Gabrielle M. Cronin, 112 E. Third Ave., Altoona, $45,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Micah W. Rothrauff, property in Allegheny Township, $45,000.

WE Campbell Builders Inc. to S&A Homes Inc., property in Frankstown Township, $36,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to East Fairview Properties LP, property in Altoona, $35,000.

Donald B., Lora and Melanie A. Hinkle and Melanie A. Noye to Scott and Theresa Engle, 1804 N. Tuckahoe St., Bellwood, $26,000.

Edna A. Roland to V. Darlene Rhine, Bernard D. and Cynthia M. Smith, property in Taylor Township, $30,590.

William R. Schultz Sr. and William R. Schultz to Nathaniel G. Martin, 811 Third St., Altoona, $73,500.

CSAB 2007-1 to Micah W. Rothrauff, property in Logan Township, $65,000.

Bedford County

Matthew E. and Lynnsie J. Wolfe to Nathan Allen and Casie Umbleby, property in West Property Township, $140,000.

Wilbur E., Wilbur Burkett to Shane M. Finnegan, property in Lincoln Township, $67,000.

Trevor L. Forsythe to Samuel Jay and Katelynn Jean Nesbit, property in Broad Top Township, $65,400.

James W. and Judith M. Leader to Steven E. and Donna Sue Long, property in East Providence Township, $230,000.

Lizabeth B. Croyle to Craig H. Beegle, property in East St. Clair Township, $250,000.

Carl A. and Valerie L. Detwiler to Guyer Brothers Real Estate Partner­ship, property in South Woodbury Township, $83,174.

Garey E. Diefenderfer, Brenda R. Paul and Brenda R. Diefenderfer to Jay M. and Stephany Jo Yoder, property in Mann Township, $289,000.

John C. and Camilla R. Smart to Gregory Diehl Jr., property in Broad Top Township, $95,000.

Paul R. and Gay F. Piller, Jeremy J. Carolyn E. Speicher, property in Bedford Borough, $330,000.

Clearfield County

Daniel B. and Tammy B. Cline to Andrew S. Brown and Danielle N. Fletcher, property in Clearfield Borough, $59,000.

Sanna Helmi to Treva Armstrong, property in Sandy Township, $308,000.

PT Holdings LLC to Elizabeth Ann R. Morgan, property in Lawrence Township, $239,900.

Caroline Peterson to David R. and Ruth L. Bish, property in DuBois, $75,000.

Johnston Legacy Holdings LLC to Peter F. and Esther M. Smith, property in Knox Township, $20,000.

Kimberly R. and Jay A. Cowder to Corey A. and Kayla N. Ray, property in Clearfield Borough, $62,000.

Russell L. Sr. and Dolores L. Kifer to Jason D. and Jody Lynn Clark, prop­erty in Bradford Township, $25,000.

William F. Jr. and Carrie A. Wetzel to Kyle R. and Lacey Sarvis, property in Pike Township, $82,680.

Ernest T. and Shawna B. Rosselli to Stephen and Shari Massini, property in Union Township, $250,000.

Daniel D., Elsie B., Allen D. and Selina B. Byler to Crist R. Schlabach and Elizabeth B. Hostetler, property in Burnside Township, $200,000.

Kenneth Patrick and Sana Nicole Gater to Wade S. and Denise E. McGarry, property in Morris Township, $20,000.

Diane Slovinsky Hanley and Thomas A. Mott Estate to Lucky Hawk LLC, property in DuBois, $35,000.

Daniel J. and Flora M. Gibbons to Nittany Oil Co. Inc., property in Coalport Borough, $10,000.

Richard G. and Harry A. Kauffman to Stoltzfus Woodlands LLC, property in Boggs Township, $92,400.

Donald R. Jr. and Ruth M. Redshaw to David J. Cursio, property in Sandy Township, $164,900.

Mary Lea and Charles D. Haugh to Francis A. and Francis A. Jr. Villella, property in Sandy Township, $210,000.

Charlotte Smith to Paul A. and Heidi M. Weaver, property in Girard Township, $89,500.

Dwight F. Shaw to Charles K. Sr. and Dawn M. Soliday, property in Bigler Township, $50,000.

Matthew R. and Julie A. Johnston to C. Hummel Real Estate LLC, property in Curwensville Borough, $40,000.

Michael S. and Angela E. Erickson to Jesse A. Nissel and Tabitha J. Pollack, property in DuBois, $159,900.

Charles Kennedy and Ioanna Kanellitsas to Gerald P. and Betty Marlene Sanko, property in DuBois, $127,000.

Rita J. and George W. II Sankey to Eric F. and Angel M. Pelka, property in Osceola Mills Borough, $52,000.

Gregory M. Jr. and Alexis Bacher to Kurtis A. Reeder and Jessica Tillotson, property in Woodward Township, $79,500.

Dr. Lorin V. and Susan R. Waitkus to James M. and Laura S. Stoof, property in Sandy Township, $312,000.

Leonard and Rae Ann Jones to Mark B. and Lori J. Schmidt, property in Sandy Township, $353,500.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC and M&T Bank to JDDS Rentals LLC, property in Curwensville Borough, $20,000.

Charles A. Jr. and Lonna J. Lombardo to Jason M. and Amy J. Rankin, property in Lawrence Township, $160,000.

Lu Ellen Bowman to Chase B. Wise and Abigail G. Houston, property in Clearfield Borough, $76,000.

Kathy L. Kilgore and Kathy Nelson Trust to Paul and Jackie Syktich LLC, property in Sandy Township, $1,600,000.

Glen F. and Nancy C. Wolfe to Jeffrey and Sayuri Smith, property in Sandy Township, $344,500.

Steve and Ann C. Tuller and Tuller Living Trust to William S. and Jane G. E. Hoff, property in Sandy Township, $456,900.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Stephen James McLaughlin, property in Clearfield Borough, $48,500.

Jason G. Ficks to T&J Mobile Home Park LLC, property in Lawrence Township, $380,000.

CBT Bank and Riverview Bank to Sherry Wallace and Nichole Spratt, property in Clearfield Borough, $16,000.

James J. Kline II to Jason A. and Debra L. Sattler, property in Bigler Township, $25,000.

Jimmy V. Gearhart to Timothy Holt, property in Bradford Township, $168,000.

Nathan R. and Morgan C. Whited to Thomas Scott and Laura L. Harmic, property in Greenwood Township, $107,000.

Gregory S. Hanzely to Christopher Deeb and Michelle Haley, property in Sandy Township, $92,200.

Michael P. and Sami Lynne McCahan to Ashton S. Walters, property in Lawrence Township, $76,000.

Seth Cowder to Kyle C. and Kayla M. Fyock and Timothy Steven Parks, property in Bradford Township, $76,000.

Amanda Marie Tudor to Jeremiah L. Slagle and Jessica L. Shimmel, property in DuBois, $63,000.

Huntingdon County

Samantha D. Purdy to Christopher A. Strait, property in Brady Township, $75,000.

Kyle R. and Michelle C. Price to Jason O. Klinger, property in Cassville Borough, $131,000.

Timothy H. and Jodi R. Cresswell to Wendy J. McNerlin, property in Cass Township, $147,000.

Walter Dale and Cheryl C. Ciampa and Cheryl C. and Stuart R. Trueax to Dane K. Woodward, property in Clay Township, $80,000.

Mark H. and Edna J. Townsend and Edna J. Cushing to Judith W. Tanner, property in Mapleton Borough, $34,000.

Clearfield Bank and Trust Co. and Riverview Bank to Chad A. and Kimberly A. McGraw, property in Huntingdon Borough, $60,400.

Brian L. Smith to Nathan H. Smith, property in Shirley Township, $70,000.

Susan K. Himes to Richard S. and Cynthia R. Brown, property in Walker Township, $150,000.

High Street Rentals LLC to NLS Realty LLC, property in Warriors Mark Township, $400,000.

Steven K. and Amelia E. Kasinof and Ruth D. and Irving Foon to Gregory J. Harnish, property in Dublin, $700,000.

Jordan Swope to Ben H. and Katlyn Kawehilani Shumway, property in Porter Township, $185,000.

Bonnie L. Gibbons to Clifford L. and Tierney L. Alexander, property in Tell Township, $19,000.

Paul R. and Timothy A. Baker to Mikayla R. Brumbaugh and Daylon J. Breon, property in Penn Township, $142,500.

Barbara A. Mikesic to Michael J. Ross, property in Union Township, $24,000.