Blair County

Gabriel and Danielle Pepple to Shane Wisemeyer, property in Taylor Township, $167,500.

Constance Conrad, also known as Connie Rickabugh, Allen Conrad and Richard A. Jr., and Doris Felty to Calvin H. Jr. and Monique Frantz, property in Logan Township, $130,000.

Norma Hunter to Toni and Timothy Beeman, West 15th Street, Tyrone Township, $105,000.

Michael and Cindy Zeak to Courtney Mansfield and Michael Zeak, 506 First Ave., Altoona, $70,000.

Michael Gill and Paula Johnson to Nancy DeMangone, property in Allegheny Township, $165,000.

William and Sharie Wisener to Gavicros Management LLC, 707 Second Ave., Altoona, $44,000.

Adrian and Allyssa Robison to Ryan Riggle, Crawford Ave., Altoona, $77,000.

Faye Ellenberger to Russell and Cristi Waltz, property in Freedom Township, $30,000.

Dona Bardell to William and Kimberly Mallery, 300 Third Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Linda Edmondson to Jeffrey and Lori Miller, East Fifth Street, Bellwood, $155,000.

Paul and Bonnie Farkas to Dustin and Gayle Conner, Esau Street, $103,275.

Carrie Moyer to Rachael and Paul Moyer, Sugar Run Road, Allegheny Township, $85,000.

Kenneth Winskey to Wanda Dugan, property in Logan Township, $52,900.

Bryce and Amy Nodyen to James and Tammy Weyandt, property in Greenfield Township, $79,000.

Claire and John Adams to Dennis McElfresh, property in Greenfield Township, $45,000.

Dustin and Gayle Conner to Derik Sciranko and Brooke Little, 435 Maple St., Roaring Spring, $130,000.

Richard and Jane Petroski to Gary White and Kimberly Chase, 116-118 E. Second Ave., Altoona, $22,500.

Nancy Myers to Natalie Katich, Crawford Avenue, Altoona, $42,000.

Delores Osborn to Sandra Osborn, property in Allegheny Township, $29,478.

Michael and Lisa Beaudoin to Amy and Ian Foor, 108 Greystone Drive, Blair Township, $259,900.

Robin and Jennifer Harkins to John Drew, 410 Baynton Ave., Logan Township, $70,000.

Jones Family Trust to Altoona Regional Rentals LLC, 1520 19th St., Altoona, $49,900.

William Fox to Charlton and Christie Jordan, 1420 18th Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

James and Donna McKnight to Jennifer and Robin Harkins, property in Logan Township, $125,000.

James and Sandra Kane to William Young, 345 Cashman Road, Logan Township, $229,900.

First Commonwealth Bank to Lynn Granville, 105-111 N. Fifth Ave., Altoona, $20,000.

Duane and JoEllen Crumrine to Laurie and David Stiles, 515 Hershberger St., Martinsburg, $174,900.

Kelly and Douglas Sipes to Kelley Irwin, Third Avenue, Altoona, $125,000.

Elwood and Aletha to Justin and Apryle Houck, 1005 Newry Lane, Blair Township, $186,588.

Bedford County

Rodney L. and Rhonda M. Husick to Paul and Pamela Douglas, property in Hopewell Township, $80,000.

Shirley M. Buck to Timothy A. Horn, property in Bedford, $88,500.

Mark Crum to Kevin A. and Beth A. Coutts, property in Broad Top Township, $60,000.

Dorothy Steiner to Rodney D. Mock, property in Juniata Township, $20,000.

Clarence Lee, Linda, Jeffery B. and Victoria Cessna to Matthew T. and Colleen M. Miller, property in Colerain Township, $95,000.

Robert G. and Marcia Restly to Megan A. Whipkey, property in Bedford Township, $115,000.

John and Kimberly Lackey to Wallace A. Fleck III and Jamie L. Howsare, property in East Providence Township, $1,075,000.

Eugene A. Holsinger to DKG Auto Repair & Fabrication LLC, property in South Woodbury Township, $140,000.

Joseph E. and Roberta E. Hinson to Tyler M. Miller, property in Bedford Township, $175,000.

DO-BAR INC, DO BAR INC, to MOCO Barkman LLC, property in Hopewell Township, $960,000.

Douglas A., Veronica, Preston A. and Brittany Smith to Erika L. Manley, property in Saxton, $59,900.

US Bank NA, US Bank NA, to Brant Dull, property in East St. Clair Township, $40,200.

Ruby L. Calhoun to Dayton A. and Megan R. Dunkle, property in East Providence Township, $170,000.

Paul B. and Anna Mae Martin to Brad A. and Karlee D. Diehl, property in Bloomfield Township, $237,000.

Akatarine Constantinous to Dana L. McIntyre, property in Bedford Township, $80,000.

Glen J. and Angela G. Barkman to Benjamin T. Weatherholtz and Jessica Bridges, property in Monroe Township, $126,900.

Clearfield County

Aaron D. and Melissa M. Stottlemyer to Robert W. and Lauren M. Charles, property in DuBois, $85,000.

Thomas F. and Elizabeth L. Ritz to Nathanael A. and Megan L. Byham, property in Bloom Township, $150,000.

Gordon L. Chittester to Patricia J. Brown, property in Sandy Township, $90,000.

JoAnn Olszewski to Victor A. III and Doria A. Martinelli, property in Sandy Township, $180,000.

Atlas Edge LLC to Dustin J. Starer and Anne T. Hayward, property in Decatur Township, $47,500.

Ralph N. Hazelton to Bill R. and Katie H. Weaver, property in Chest Township, $120,000.

Gregory M. Monaco to Stephen G. and Michelle D. Shick, property in DuBois, $108,000.

Bruce and Nell M. Centra to Kalie R. Scott, property in Clearfield, $135,000.

Connie Lou Erdely to Klaiber & Son LLC, property in Sandy Township, $12,735.

Roberta Klingensmith to Carolyn M. Vail, property in DuBois City, $157,220.

Stephen G. and Michele D. Shick to DuBois Regional Medical Center and Penn Highlands DuBois, property in DuBois, $81,500.

Rhett Butler Bowman to Lillian M. Shaddix, property in Curwensville, $83,000.

Dennis C. and Shari M. Neff to William K. Smith, property in Westover, $53,000.

Tammy K. Radel to Chelsea L. Keith, property in Clearfield, $65,000.

Elizabeth Anne McManus to Edwin W. Blake Jr. and Christina M. and Tracy A. Tice, property in Osceola Mills, $93,000.

Tara L. McClure to Joseph D. and Jennifer P. Shick, property in Sandy Township, $217,000.

Andrew S. Hunt to Brianna T. and Kim M. Hockenberry, property in Sandy Township, $91,000.

Curtis E. and Sarah E. Ianaro to Tyler J. German, property in Lawrence Township, $225,000.

Debra L. Gallagher Smith and James Smith to Cory B. Dunlap, property in Sandy Township, $88,000.

Huntingdon County

Ronald E. Jenkins to Ronald E. and Lila M. Devlin, property in Cromwell Township, $32,000.

Edward H. Hammaker Estate to John R. and Bonita S. Everhart, property in Miller Township, $350,000.

James D. and Belinda S. Morris to Jonathan D. Kelly, property in Marklesburg, $80,000.

Robert A. and Laura L. Coffelt to Vincent L. III and Michelle R. DePaul, property in Henderson Township, $36,000.

Robin Hoffman Crouse to Timothy J., Carol J. and Joshua T. Henry, property in Shirley Township, $40,000.

Cletus Jr. and Kathy R. Faus to Audrey M. Reant Trust property in Cromwell Township, $88,400.

E. James II, Julie K. and Barbara A. McMath to Garry L. and Betty J. Forgy, property in Shirley Township, $785,000.

Standing Stone Senior Citizen Inc. to Jason S. Brenneman, property in Huntingdon, $68,000.

Bethany Air Corp. to Jeremy L. and Amber D. Burdge, property in Shirley Township, $20,000.