Blair County

Frederick C. Brenner III to Bridget and Jeffery Corey, 812 Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg, $499,999.

Joseph and Carolyn Murtiff and John Hunter Sr. to Audrey Pepple, property in Blair Township, $70,000.

Donald Chilcote to William Hunter and Sue Mulhollem, property on Wertz Drive, Frankstown Township, $155,000.

Dena and Andrew Wilson to William Bacon, 422 N. First St., Bellwood, $79,500.

John Dale to Rochelle Lindemann, property in Bellwood, $79,500.

Holly and Donald Carney to Amanda Warfield, 5100-02 Oak Ave., Altoona, $129,000.

William and Lynda Nimitz to Fannie Mae, Route 865, Tyrone, Antis Township, $30,000.

Vera Laratonda to Richard and Tammy Stern, 114 W. Julian St., Martinsburg, $85,000.

Frank and Michelle Hartye to Shawn Melito, property in Frankstown Township, $355,000.

Susan Severson to FP Rentals LLC, 614 25th St., Altoona, $14,000.

Roberta Diehl to Shannon Campbell, 515 Ash St., Altoona, $89,900.

Deka Smith to David and Shannon Stultz, 124 Ruskin Drive, Llyswen, Altoona, $91,000.

Peter and Mary Vernarsky to Syed Rizvi and Syeda Zaidi, property on Hillsdale Drive, Blair Township, $240,000.

Timothy Cartwright to Benjamin Long, 1508-16 23rd Ave., Altoona, $159,000.

Walter Rossi to Joshua and Haley Crabtree, property in Antis Township, $170,000.

Charles and Dorothy Coloney to Matthew and Pamela Kennedy, property in Huston Township, $85,000.

Altoona Family Inc. to Contact Altoona, 2525-31 Eighth Ave., Altoona, $130,000.

Christopher and Courtney Holes to Shealyn Clarke, property on Sixth Street, Bellwood, $76,500.

Mark and Joanne Chuff and Eric and Diane Chuff to Gregory and Koelle Williams, 816 Spruce St., Hollidaysburg, $159,500.

Judith Bowers to Joshua Brumbaugh, 612 Sugar St., Roaring Spring, $102,000.

Rodney and Wendy Cornelius to Brannock & Shaw Properties LLC, 2920 Broad Ave., Altoona, $13,600.

Structured Asset Securities Corp. Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2006-EQ1 to Kennedy Housing LLC, 514 Spring Lane, Claysburg, Greenfield Township, $17,000.

Justin and Apryle Houck to Nicholas Cooper, 2819 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $100,000.

Aaron and Christine Violet to Jeffrey, Harold and Vera Zimmerman, property in North Woodbury Township, $215,000.

Nason Foundation and Nason Hospital to Palm 9116 Holdings LLC, property in Allegheny Township, $260,000.

Douglas and Sarah Smithmyer to Ontario US Captial LLC, 1808-12 First Ave., Altoona, $51,000.

John and Jill Gardner to Philip D. Jr. and Julie Ringler, property in Bellwood, $117,000.

Dane and Mary Feight to Mark Cullum, 510-14 Second St., Altoona, $51,900.

Bedford County

Merle R. and Cheryl A. Groves to Tonya R. Groves, property in Cumberland Valley, $133,750.

Dorothy M. Pritchett to Levi S. and Tyne M. Smeltzer, property in West Providence Township, $94,000.

Robert Joseph Beiter Jr. to Jack R. and Michelle L. Lazer, property in East Providence Township, $219,900.

Nadine K. and Michael L. Burns to William R. Baker and Melody S. Sciranko, property in Liberty Township, $35,000.

Norman M. and Shirley A. Myers, to Donald A. and Ginger M. Fair, property in Bedford Township, $300,000.

Thomas E. and Kathryn H. Glasgow to Rufus L. and Susan H. Zimmerman, property in Bloomfield Township, $44,000.

Cheryl Ann Snyder to Brandy L. Bender, property in Bloomfield Township, $169,000.

Patricia M. Hockenberry and Judith A. Secondo to Andrew D. and Kathleen M. Reid, property in Snake Spring Township, $75,000.

Eileen T. Enriquez to Scott M. Shaffer, property in Napier Township, $55,000.

Eileen T. Enriquez to Shaffer Mountain Excavating LLC, property in Napier Township, $36,750.

Swedish American Club to Kutsel Real Estate LLC, property in DuBois, $80,000.

Loretta L. Lux to Joseph D. Sr. and Christine A. Funair, property in Sandy Township, $153,900.

Robert A. and Deborah Schildt to Nickolas and Brittany Strawcutter, property in New Washington, $50,000.

Richard D. Winebold to Sylvia Maines, property in Grampain, $37,000.

Synergen Inc. to Steven S. Miller, property in Decatur/Woodward Townships, $80,000.

Lance D. and Vickie L. Bunnell to Tony A. and Marcie L. Rinehart, property in Cooper Township, $115,000.

Matthew T. and Heather N. Woodel to Andrew J. Keller, property in Sandy Township, $26,000.

Weston M. and Justina R. Cesa to Like K. and Anita J. Nissel, property in Sandy Township, $306,550.

Billie Callahan to Alfred E. Dixon, property in Cooper Township, $75,000.

Constance L. and Terry D. Irvin to Dennis L. Roach Jr. and Lynn Anne Verbeck, property in Boggs Township, $79,500.

Judy E. and Walter P. Muscovich to James D. and Sarah E. Sedgwick, property in Sandy Township, $150,000.

Samuel J. Jr. and Dana L. Kirk to Wayne Goldman, property in Sandy Township, $120,000.

Steven Michael and Valerie Jean Knepp to John J. Bodnar, property in Wallaceton, $25,000.

Synergen Inc. to Jeffrey L. and Irma f. Dunkelberger, property in Decatur Township, $20,000.

Joseph E. and Kathryn J. Hale to George G. and Vicki D. Covert, property in Pike Township, $68,000.

Huntingdon County

Duane R., Pamela, Dennis W. and Shari L. Runk to Troy R. and Kristi S. Kohl, property in Todd Township, $37,000.

Victoria Keller Johnston to Brenize Wild Properties LLC, property in Dublin Township, $701,000.

Gwen A. Bish to Bruce R. and Trudell Ann Shaner, property in Cromwell Township, $210,000.

Alecia D. Ross and Alecia D. and William McGinnis to Michael R. Kyper, property in Smithfield Township, $96,500.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust and Caliber Real Estate Services LLC to Doris M. Wagner, property in Brady Township, $26,500.

Jon R. and Kathryn A. Harshaw to Todd A. and Ashley R. Fuoss, property in Warriors Mark Township, $48,000.

Judy L. McCarty to Howard Eugene Wilson Jr. and Wendy Sue Smith, property in Mill Creek, $25,709.

Darrell and Debra A. Brechbill to James A. and Linda L. Germak, property in Todd Township, $210,000.

Gregory F. and Caroline M. McNeal to Brett D. and Melissa A. Hoover, property in Walker Township, $170,000.

Dorothy Loretta Dick Estate to Karr Family Trust, property in Porter Township, $53,000.

Floyd E. Sheffield Estate, Stephen C. Sheffield, Cindy L. Wetzel, Kathy A. Lalli, Kay M. Atherton and Richard A. Sheffield to Kathy A. Lalli and Kathy A. Gibson, property in Smithfield Township, $86,223.

Mervin Lee Stoltzfus to Jason G. and Ashley A. Peterson, property in Dublin Township, $63,750.

Mervin Lee Stoltzfus to Jason G. and Ashley A. Peterson, second property in Dublin Township, $63,750.

Mathew J. Kane and Valerie A. Burnett to Emile R. Zola, property in Porter Township, $110,000.