The following people have made filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Pittsburgh. Chapter 7 involves selling assets to pay debts. Chapter 13 is a plan to pay debts using income. Chapter 11 involves reorganization to pay off debt. The information is from the Pittsburgh Legal Journal. Filings by county include:

Blair County

Kara J. Gates. Chapter 7. July 19.

Bedford County

Daniel A. III and Lois J. Swankler. Chapter 7. July 24.

Edward Christian and Shannon Nichole Foor. Chapter 7. July 25.

Cambria County

Donna Puffer. Chapter 13. July 19.

Elaine R. Cramer. Chapter 7. July 22.

Georgia Mary Kot. Chapter 7. July 24.

Larry D. Hiltabidel Jr. Chapter 13. July 24.

Kimberly E. Harter. Chapter 13. July 25.

Terri Lee Kibler. Chapter 7. July 25.

Clearfield County

Milton L. and Edith M. Winter. Chapter 13. July 20.

John E. Dugan III. Chapter 7. July 20.

Kevin A. Kear. Chapter 7. July 26.

Adam J. and Brianna W. Bojalad. Chapter 7. July 26.

Janice L. Reese. Chapter 7. July 26.

Jonathan D. and Alisa J. Liptak. Chapter 13. July 27.