Blair County

Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust Series 2006-2 and Novastar Home Equity Loan Asset Backed Certificates Series 2006-2 to Andrew Woomer, 1205 Lincoln Ave., Tyrone, $18,200.

Angela Lambert to Alyssa and Evan Eckenrode and Edward Link, 318-320 Byron Ave., Altoona, $105,000.

Jacob and Lisa Steinbugl to Eric Banks, Dixie Lane, Logan Township, $162,000.

Margaret Diehl to Shawn Moyer, property in Freedom Township, $27,000.

Anita and Russell Hoover to Clifford Moyer, Oakdale Road, Martinsburg, $167,500.

W. Stuart and Kathy Sellers to Amy Benson, 57th Street, Altoona, $110,000.

William and Barbara Feathers to Jonathan Kephart, Wood Duck Lane, Freedom Township, $229,900.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert and Heather Smelley, 1302 Third Ave., Altoona, $18,500.

Jonathan Kephart to Adam Smearman, Bakers Lane, Logan Township, $118,000.

Kathryn Rhodes to Blair County Airport Authority, 3015 Cove Mountain Road, North Woodbury Township, $195,000.

David and Linda Duncan to David and Jennifer Sawtelle, 3304-3306 Baker Court, Altoona, $293,000.

Jason and Jennifer Garber to Tori Holtz, 547 21st Ave., Altoona, $78,000.

Duncansville Fire Company No. 1 to Payelle Development LLC, property in Blair Township, $180,000.

Jason and Erin Fouse to Carlos Nganga, 1922-1924 14th Ave., Altoona, $73,500.

James and Susan Blough and Mary and Samuel Shriver to Krista Everhart, Yellow Springs Drive, Catharine Township, $89,500.

Michael and Pamela Wertz to Terry McCully Jr., 218 Maple Ave., Altoona, $18,000.

Russell and Rusty Ellis to Lance and Teah Huffman, property in Logan Township, $155,000.

Steven and Donna Treese to Joseph Hasson, 228-230 Spruce Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

David and Nancy Hayes to Amy and Bryce Nooyen, property in Taylor Township, $200,000.

David A. II and Janelle Knab to Michael Boyek, Kuhn Lane, Allegheny Township, $152,000.

Pamela and Dewayne Varner to Andrew and Amy McNeal, 412 Grant Ave., Altoona, $79,900.

Ralph J. IV and Jennifer Davis to Ryan and Lindsey Boonie, 632 W. 16th St., Tyrone, $135,000.

Barbara Ferrone to Shonna and Albert Blair, property in Tyrone Township, $91,000.

Swabs 2005-BC3 to Joseph Ferguson, 316 Greenwood Road, Logan Township, $34,000.

Edna Buckreis to Ronald A. Settlemyer Jr., Second Avenue, Altoona, $40,000.

Wilbert and Dawn Cartwright to Douglas Gray and Danielle Moll, Second Street, Bellwood, $109,500.

Mark Wilson to Joshua and Erica Caldwell, property in Logan Township, $255,000.

Anita Bender to John F. Jr. and Rachelle Tippery, Castle Farm Road, Logan Township, $272,000.

Patti Pastorelli to Matthew and Andrea Wilk, 203 Ruskin Drive, Logan Township, $145,000.

Scott and Jennifer Cox to Patti Pastorelli, 1116 27th Ave., Altoona, $105,000.

Bedford County

Michael G. and Helen Kay Gall to TMW Candies Enterprises LLC, property in East St. Clair Township, $45,000.

M. Douglas Lingsch to Mark W. and Lori J. Foor, property in Snake Spring Township, $50,000.

Eric L. and Stacy J. Cornelius to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., property in Saxton Borough, $15,000.

Angie C., Angeline, Angelyn and Catherine Custer to Broc Jennings, and Amanda R. Duffy, property in West Providence Township, $76,000.

Joseph and Mary S. Koval to Knoperty LLC, property in Bedford Borough, $162,000.

Frederic A. Temke, Mary Temke Corash and Paul R., Karen, Jeffery R. and Bobbie Sisk to Paul R. and Jeffery R. Sisk, property in Londonderry Township, $65,000.

Harry R. Rose to Joseph A. Heit, property in Bedford Township, $31,000.

Samuel Joseph and Johanna L. Pratt to Trevin F. Kensinger, property in Bedford Township, $330,000.

Donald Edward and Joyce Ann Brown to C. Kenneth and Ginette L. Imler, property in Kimmel Township, $40,000.

Church Hill Manor LLC to Stephen J. and Kathy A. Gephart, property in Bedford Township, $25,000.

First National Bank of Pa. to BW&DL Rentals LLC, property in Everett Borough, $50,000.

Eric C. and Caren H. Nelson to Bradley J. and Rebekah N. Duffy, property in Cumberland Valley, $165,000.

Howard N. and Joe Ann Stapleton to Katelyn R., Gary A. and Paulette A. Baur, property in South Woodbury Township, $105,000.

Larissa N. Conner, Larissa N. Cessna and Garrett R. Conner to Kodie R. Clark, property in Colerain Township, $130,000.

Hoss’s Motel Management Inc. to Bedford Hotels Corp., property in Bedford Township, $950,000.

Mary Jane Kohlmann, Mary Jane Kohlman and Russell A. Kohlman and Katherine Ann and Nicholas Demicco, to Stanley B. and Diane M. Ward, property in Cumberland Valley, $30,000.

Clearfield County

Merrill E. and Kathleen M. Hillard to Abigail L. Belinda, property in Clearfield Borough, $69,000

Gary Leroy Dandoy Sr. Estate and Sandra Dee Thomas to Joel W. Sr. and Sandra D. Thomas, property in DuBois, $51,000.

Larry A. Selner and Barry Selner to Maura A. Hullihen, property in Curwensville, Borough, $82,000.

Todd W. English to D. Quigley Properties LLC, property in Clearfield Borough, $20,000.

Gregory S. Kyler to KPRC Properties LLC, property in Cooper Township, $200,000.

Lisa M. Clinger to Kathy J. Dixon and Jeffrey W. Schnarrs, property in Morris Township, $45,000.

Brian T. Lamorte to Kyle Bradley Smith, property in Sandy Township, $115,000.

Spencer N. and Brandi S. Collins to Robert M. Pennington, property in Grampian Borough, $66,500.

Ralph G. II and Dennis L. Lingle to Kristopher J. and Ryan M. Pechart, property in Girard Township, $28,500.

Elaine G. Filsinger and Elaine G. Filsinger Asset Protection Trust to Harry J. Salvatore, property in Lawrence Township, $120,000.

Barbara J. Moore and Ronald E. Gmerek Estate to Robert S. and Rodana M. Spencer, property in Gulich Township, $19,900.

Bruce M. and Theresa J. Thompson to DuBois Regional Medical Center, trading and doing business as Penn Highlands DuBois, property in DuBois, $56,000.

Thomas and Carol Foley to Rachel E. Balangitan, property in Sandy Township, $157,500.

Allen H. and Karen A. Ryen to Adam Aughenbaugh and Cameron Shepler, property in DuBois, $122,000.

Colonial Savings to Todd English, property in Lawrence Township, $45,000.

Frank D. and Katherine Starling Marino to WIN DuBois LLC, property in Sandy Township, $1,600,000.

James A. Reitmyer Estate and Rose M. Reitmyer to Todd M. Anderson, property in Bigler Township, $28,000.

Kevin P. and Julia L. Colton to Vanessa K. Scaife, property in Wallaceton Borough, $137,500.

Carol Ann and Charles T. III Wheeler to Raymond J. and Megan L. Green, property in Ramey Borough, $12,000.

Donna W. Young and Claudia Jacobson to James M. and Rose Mary Heltzel, property in Sandy Township, $184,000.

S&SP Development LLC to Derek J. and Amanda R. Gordon, property in Sandy Township, $30,000.

Monica Ann Crain, Nancy Jo Troxell Estate and Robert W. Crain to Danile L. Moore, property in Morris Township, $45,000.

Huntingdon County

MP Church and Cooks United Methodist Church to Alan D. Bolinger Jr., property in Todd Township, $20,000.

Kamp Kiely LLC to Ian M. and Brittaney L. Lucas, property in Todd Township, $70,000.

Joseph G. Booher Estate to Eric D. Booher, property in Saltillo Borough, $40,000.

Dwight O. and Janice E. Rittenhouse to Donald M. and Theresa I. Mamula, property in Shirley Township, $95,000.

Ronald L. and Betty R. Kauffman to Gini M. Werner, property in Cass Township, $53,000.

James E. Hancock Estate to John A. Jr. and Dana L. Morgan, property in Cromwell Township, $60,000.

Ronald E. Sloan to Benjamin P. Lane, property in Huntingdon Borough, $35,000.

Howard E. and Mary L. Allen to Keith W. and Virginia L. Bowers, property in Lincoln Township, $129,000.