State College, Altoona, Lewistown campuses

Taylor Britton, Altoona, medical assistant; Maher Brown, Altoona, information technology; Brittany Chaapel, Altoona, medical assistant; Tyler Davis, Altoona, information technology; Brianna Detwiler, Altoona, business administration/


Charles Diehl, Altoona, business administration/accounting; Clarica Gattrell, Altoona, medical assistant; Winter Gerlach, Altoona, information technology; Brandon Hazenstab, Altoona, information technology; Marceal Moultrie, Altoona, information technology; Susan Price, Altoona, medical assistant; Courtney Winters, Altoona, health information technology; Alexis Plowman, Altoona, diagnostic medical sonography.

Rachel Hock, Altoona, information technology; Phillip Washington, Altoona, information technology; Sandra Edgerton, Altoona, administrative medical assistant; Quentin Williams, Altoona, information technology; Krista Quirin, Altoona, diagnostic medical sonography; Sierra Pittman, Bedford, business administration/management and marketing; Katelyn Claar, Claysburg, medical assistant; Dusty Ray, Duncansville, health information technology.

Melanie Boggs, Duncans-ville, engineering technology; Alexis Yingling, Duncansville, diagnostic medical sonography professional plus; Michelle Bem, Duncansville, business administration/management and marketing; Kimberly Lewis, Gallitizin, business administration/management and marketing; Megan Watchey, Hollidaysburg, diagnostic medical sonography.

Brittany Hockenberry, Hollidaysburg, medical assistant; Hannah Watchey, Hollidaysburg, business administration/accounting; Jonathan Svitana, Hopewell, information technology; Kaylee Weatherwalk, New Enterprise, criminal justice; Parker Shepley, Roaring Spring, business administration/management and marketing.

Macy Burke, Roaring Spring, business administration/

accounting; Taylor Matley, Tyrone, medical assistant; Elizabeth Musser, Warriors Mark, business administration/accounting; Joshua Allison, Williamsburg, information technology; Alexa Weimert, Williamsburg, medical assistant; Felecia Hale, Williamsburg, diagnostic medical sonography.

Kelli Carbaugh, Altoona, medical assistant; Alyssa Bassler, Martinsburg, business administration/accounting; Hannah Hallman, Roaring Spring, business administration/accounting; Robyn Pheasant, Williamsburg, diagnostic medical sonography; Cassandra Michelone, Williamsburg, medical assistant.