Local students visit Germany

Courtesy photo Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School students who traveled to Germany through the Friendship Connec-tion Exchange Program during the 2017-18 school year are (from left): Adam McCoy, 10th grade; Donna Rossman, 11th grade; and Aly Snyder, 11th grade.

Several students from Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School traveled to Germany during the 2017-18 school year through the Friendship Connection Exchange Program.

They are Adam McCoy 10th grade; Donna Rossman 11th grade; and Aly Snyder 11th grade.

During their one-month stay in Germany, they each stayed with a host family in different parts of the country.

While in Germany, they attended the local school with their host partner.

The host partners traveled to Hollidaysburg in the spring to do the same.

As stated on the Friend-ship Connection’s website, “The goal was to provide an inexpensive, ongoing exchange program which would enable participants to enhance their ability to speak German and to develop a greater appreciation of the German culture, as

well as long-lasting friendships with their German partners. In the first 36 years, nearly 32,600 German and American students have participated on our exchange program.”