C-K students participate in watershed project at SFU

Courtesy photo Forty-three Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary fifth- and sixth-grade students were part of a project that was presented at Saint Francis University, Loretto, on Dec. 18. The group received three ribbons as part of the competition.

CLAYSBURG — The Claysburg Education Foundation was awarded a grant from Saint Francis University, Loretto, as part of NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training program in June.

“Headwaters to Estuaries: Best Management Practices for Systemic Watershed Education” supports the implementation of systemic Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences.

The culmination of the project in the school will be to design and implement a watershed Best Management Practice on

school grounds or in the

local community.

The foundation worked with the Claysburg-Kimmel Elemen-tary School to implement the program. Part of the grant covered the cost of two teachers to be trained at Saint Francis in July, cost of supplies, transportation to the final program competition and substitute teachers for that day.

The foundation covered the additional cost of instructor’s wages after school for the majority of the cost and the balance of wages was covered by the school district.

Watershed Wednesdays was the name of the program begun at Claysburg-Kimmel elementary in October as part of the after school program coordinated by the district and funded through the foundation. It was open to grades five and six at the elementary. Up to 43 students attended the after school sessions.

Students did the activities that included water cycle in a bag, calculated water usage, planting, water filtration, environment challenges which included super hero floatation device and hurricane houses.

Guest speaker Gail Drus spoke about sustainability with her pet rooster, Axel.

Students will continue to do the following activities using the enviroscape, an approximately $800 piece of equipment which was part of the grant to understand how all water flow affects the Chesapeake Bay, creating bird houses/feeders, hatching butterflies, creating a rain garden and having benches around a rain garden for kids to journal.

On Dec. 18, forty-three of the Claysburg-Kimmel students, along with their instructors Tara Woolridge, Curt Rodgers and Nancy Gobert, attended a competition with other schools at Saint Francis University.

The Claysburg-Kimmel group was awarded three ribbons at the event: most innovative project, most artistic project and best communicated project.

The foundation will continue to support this project for the next several months as students continue to learn about the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Two Claysburg-Kimmel students, Reece Replogle and Joyce Cottle were the C-K presenters and are answering questions from one of the judges for the competition.