Dazzling Dance Shoe Gala underway

Sisters help others through service learning

Courtesy photos Nora and Paige Hoy are the creators of the Dazzling Dance Shoe Gala to benefit dance students. Area residents are encouraged to vote for their favorite decorated shoe by dropping coins, bills and checks in the corresponding slot.

Two local dancers are raising money for other dancers in need of financial assistance through the Dazzling Dance Shoe Gala.

They are raising money for the “Pass It On” Fund at Andrea’s School of Dance in Bellwood.

Nora Hoy, a fourth-grader at Tyrone Area Elementary School, and her sister, Paige, a third-grader, are both dancers at Andrea’s School of Dance.

Nora is in her fourth year of dancing and is a first-year member of the Main Street Dance Company.

Paige is in her third year of dancing.

On Feb. 18, at the Main Street Dance Company Showcase, Nora and Paige, along with the help of their parents, Phil and Tiffany Hoy, and brother, Garin, unveiled 27 dance shoes.

The shoes were decorated and donated by local dance students and adults.

Shoe themes include “Alice in Wonderland,” painted skylines, “Star Wars” character, a lion, mice, dance, biblical quotes and even a tap shoe converted into a stylish flip-flop.

The girls hoped to raise $300 through the project.

“We collected $327.02 at the event in February,” Nora said.

“I cannot believe we hit our goal, so we went back this weekend and set goal to raise another $300 by June.”

Votes are done by dropping coins, bills and checks in the wooden voting boxes. Each shoe is given a number, which coordinates with a specific slot in the box.

“Our parents have not allowed us to know who donated what shoe or count the individual donations in each shoe box, but we have to count all of the funds to make sure our numbers match what was recorded in the log book.

The shoes were on display at Andrea’s School of Dance through March 4, and then started traveling throughout the area to local libraries, businesses and churches.

Everyone is encouraged to dig for some change in the bottom of their purses or coats and place it in the collection box of their favorite shoe.

“There are different age group categories, and a ‘Supreme’ title will be awarded at the recital in June. Each age group winner will get a ribbon, and the shoe with the most money raised will be announced as ‘Supreme’ winner and bragging rights for a year,” Paige said.

“We are so proud of our children. This has become a family service learning project. Our son, Garin, assisted with building the boxes and, as parents, we are only helping to guide them along, but they are doing the work,” said Phil and Tiffany Hoy.