High schoolers study abroad with SFU

LORETTO – Saint Francis University recently hosted 15 high school students from Bishop Carroll and Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic high schools as part of its annual Summer in France program.

The program gives students entering their junior or senior years the opportunity to earn college credits while experiencing the wonders of the southwestern region of France first-hand.

During the nine-day program, which ran from June 11 to 19, students stayed at Saint Francis’ own monastery in Ambialet, France, home of the university’s Semester in France program.

Students were able to become acquainted with the culture and people of France and to see, taste, feel and marvel at the wonders of the region.

The students visited castles, cathedrals, ruins and medieval hill-top villages through excursions to cities such as Albi, Toulouse, Cordes-sur-Ciel and Carcassonne and explored Ambialet through a kayak tour on the Tarn River.

“Studying abroad helped me see how beautiful opportunity is, and that we should take advantage of every adventure that life has to offer,” said Tessa Crider, a student from Bishop Guilfoyle in Altoona.

Completion of the Summer in France program allows students to earn three credits in Fine Arts 102: Culture and Values through the university’s adult degree and continuing studies program.

The high school study abroad program is hosted for students of area Catholic high schools as Saint Francis strives to cultivate its partnership with those schools who share similar missions and values.

Saint Francis University shares a common vision with Catholic high schools to educate students holistically and prepare them for their next step in life.

In addition to the Summer in France program, Saint Francis also offers other benefits to the area Catholic schools:

n The Professor in Residence program, which allows students to enroll in face-to-face courses taught by Saint Francis University faculty in subject areas such as business, statistics and education.

n The Career Exploration programs during which students attend an Exploration Day on campus where they attend hands-on classes and interact with current students in various subject areas.

n The Achieving Success workshops for junior and senior students on topics like faith in college, financial aid, college prep, study abroad and choosing a major; as well as many other campus activities and events.