BG students study in France through SFU

Eleven students from Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School, Altoona, participated in BG’s “Study Abroad, Summer in France Program,” run through Saint Francis University, Loretto.

The students include Allison Bare, Jared Bender, Jared Barber, Benjamin McConnell, Rebecca Kasun, Brayley Lewis, Danielle McFarland, Alyson Stevens, Emily Yanoshak, Drake Patel and Adam Horell.

This is the first year that Bishop Guilfoyle has offered this study abroad program.

The students left for France on June 7 and spent 10 days at Ambialet at a former monastery where Saint Francis operates its study abroad program.

Ambialet is in southwestern France and the SFU facility is perched on a hilltop overlooking the village of Ambialet and the Tarn River.

The program offers three Saint Francis University credits in early and medieval church history and architecture.

The dual enrollment course will allow students a hands-on opportunity to study castles, chateaux, ruins, quaint medieval hilltop villages and cathedrals.

“With Saint Francis University and Bishop Guilfoyle expanding our Professor in Residence curriculum to include this study abroad program, our students are able to take advantage of experiencing the world and their education through valuable cultural immersion,” Bishop Guilfoyle principal Joan Donnelly said.

“In addition to the significant life experience of traveling to a foreign country, earning college credit and having high school study abroad on their high school transcripts gives these students a competitive edge in the college entrance process.”

Starting with the 2014-15 school year, BG will debut its Professor in Residence program in conjunction with Saint Francis.

BG will offer three college classes taught by visiting SFU professors, including Stats 101 (college stats), Business 101 (business in the global society), and RLST 390 (early and medieval history and architecture).

Bishop Guilfoyle students posted journal updates from the program at