PBR competition team wins awards

The 2014 Pauline Baker Rodgers competition team attended the regional Dance Educators of America competition in Pittsburgh in March.

The junior/senior production called “Spring Awakening” received a special award for innovative costuming, choreography by Rachel Monahan and costuming by Cynthia Ake Rabold.

The junior jazz “Supermodel” received a platinum medal and a first place finish, choreography by Monahan.

The small fry jazz “Alice in Wonderland” received a first place, choreography by Ashley Hand.

Aspin Gomes received a platinum medal for her acro solo “El Tango;” Audrey Simpson won the Power of Dance Award.

Anna Bidoli won a scholarship for the convention at nationals and was nominated for a musical theater scholarship.

Sidnie Yoder, Antasia Kimmel and Mickie Smith will be competing in the title competition at nationals.

The PBR competition team will be attending the Dance Educators of America Nationals from June 30 to July 5 in Charleston, S.C.

The Pauline Baker Rodgers School of Dance has been owned by Pauline Rodgers since 1988.

The competition team is under the direction of Mary Ellen Everhart, daughter of Miss Pauline.

Miss Pauline also taught for Ruth Barnes School of Dance and has now been teaching for 54 years.

For more information about the school, visit www.pbrdance.com.