Dance recital set for Saturday

Andrea’s School of Dance will present its 22nd annual recital at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Jaffe Shrine Center in Altoona. This year’s recital, titled “Past, Present and Future,” will feature all of the dancers from Andrea’s School of Dance, including those from the competition team, The Main-Street Dance Company.

Performances will honor days gone by, celebrate the here and now and glance into the future with award-winning dances.

Tickets for “Past, Present and Future” will be available at the door the night of the show. They are $9 for reserved floor seating and $7 for general admission.

Last summer, students at Andrea’s School of Dance had the opportunity to audition for the MainStreet Dance Company. This year’s team of dancers was comprised of 31 members ranging from 9 to 18 years old.

Select company members are privileged to perform solos, duos and trios at competitions. During competition season, the team traveled within Pennsylvania to three competitions. Members showcased their talents in various genres with dances choreographed by Andrea McGraw, owner/artistic director, and Brittany Umstead, associate artistic director.

The first competition of the season was StarQuest, held March 7 to 9 in Pittsburgh. Twenty-three studios were in attendance with 590 dances.

Cutting Edge was the second competition and was held March 15 in York. Eight studios competed with 125 dances.

The final competition, Encore, was held March 28 to 30 in Johnstown. It consisted of 28 studios with 495 dances.

The MainStreet Dance Company performed the following routines receiving many top awards.

The following routines competed at all three competitions, respectively.

“Fashion is My Kryptonite,” a junior large group jazz number, received high gold, gold and first-place gold.

The junior large group lyrical dance “Tomorrow” took home high gold, platinum and the choreography excellence award (McGraw), first-place high gold and fourth-place overall.

“Where We Started” a teen small group lyrical number received gold, gold and a special award for Creative Concept, third-place gold and fifth-place overall.

The senior small group jazz dance “Escape to Dreamland” was awarded high gold and a special award for “Committed Characters,” gold and third-place high gold.

“The Gift of a Friend,” a teen lyrical trio performed by Mya Decker, Courtney Pier and Hannah Wicks, received high gold, gold (performed as a duo due to a last-minute injury) and first-place high gold, special award for “Perfectly Pleasant and 3rdplace overall.

The senior open duo “Secrets,” danced by Cristina DeGol and Megan Martin, was awarded gold, platinum and first-place platinum, a special award for “Committed Performance, and second-place overall.

Three senior solo contemporary routines competed: “Wonder Dummied,” danced by Cristina DeGol, received gold, gold and fifth-place high gold. Caitlin Williams performed “New Beginnings,” earning high gold and a special award for “Breath of Fresh Air,” platinum and second-place high gold. “Shadows,” danced by Megan Martin, was awarded gold, gold, first-place platinum and fourth-place overall.

The following dances competed at StarQuest and Encore, respectively.

“Holding Us Back,” a senior contemporary duo performed by Paige Miller and Devin Poplin, received gold and a special award for “Beauty and Class” and third-place gold.

The lyrical duo “Where Joy and Sorrow Meet,” danced by Erin Forgy and Emily Miller, earned high gold and second place gold.

“A House is Not a Home,” a senior contemporary duo performed by Logan Reihart and Caitlin Williams, was awarded high gold and third-place high gold.

Emily Miller performed the senior jazz routine “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” earning a high gold and second-place high gold.

“Time Machine,” a teen large group jazz dance, earned gold and a special award for “Fabulous Flashback” and first-place high gold.

The senior small group lyrical routine “Reality TV” received high gold and third-place high gold.

The senior small group modern dance “1940” earned high gold, first-place platinum and second-place overall.

Choreographed by EJ Ferencak, the senior small group tap routine “Sing with a Swing” was awarded platinum, first-place platinum and third-place overall.

“Alice in Wonderland,” a teen musical theatre production choreographed by Umstead, received high gold, fourth-place overall, a nomination for the Industry Dance Award, first-place platinum and first-place overall.

At Cutting Edge, Caitlin Williams performed “A House is Not a Home” in the senior solo open division and was awarded double platinum and a special award for “Breath Taking.”

Students from Andrea’s School of Dance attended Motion Dance Convention at the Blair County Convention Center and the Grier Gala at the Grier School in Tyrone. Both offer the opportunity for local dancers to take classes from internationally renowned teachers, dancers and choreographers thereby exposing students to the world of dance and opportunities for a dancer’s future.

Scholarships to Motion Dance Convention are awarded each year by the faculty. The following students from Andrea’s School of Dance won scholarships: Anna Lovrich, Layla Kurtz and Courtney Pier.

At the Grier Gala, Kathryne Snyder received a scholarship to Brian Sanders’ Junk, and Anna Lovrich was awarded scholarships to Brian Sanders’ Junk, the Grier Gala and Reed Dance Intensive.

Performances from all the students at Andrea’s School of Dance, in addition to many award-winning dances, can be enjoyed at Saturday’s recital.

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