Card2You app making donations to girl’s goal

Card2You is doing a promotion to help the Sarah Donley Sharing is Caring Fund.

In March 2011, while being treated at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for a life-threatening illness, Sarah Donley, then age 13, realized that many other children did not receive the level of treatment she did, and vowed to raise $1 million to help those children throughout the U.S. that do not have access to acceptable medical care. She established the Sarah Donley Sharing is Caring Fund, which is administered by the Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation, a nonprofit agency.

The Sarah Donley Sharing is Caring Fund, while trying to raise awareness for its own cause, would also like to raise awareness for the U.S. mail industry and show support for the thousands and thousands of hard-working American who make a living from people mailing.

In fact, the fund set up a website at to encourage people to mail a card on May 1 to show support for the U.S. Post Office and the mailing industry.

Advance Image Direct became aware of Sarah’s mailing promotion and offered to help the cause by donating a portion of sales from people that use the Card2You app for smart phones. People that register at Card2You and use the promo code sarahcares will generate funds for the Sarah Donley Sharing is Caring Fund each time they mail a card through Card2You. The first 1,000 people that download the app and register using the promo code sarah1free will receive a credit of $1.99, the cost to create and mail a personalized greeting card. Users can pick from an inventory of Card2You card stock or use their own photo to create a personalized greeting card.