The most important decision

Getting folks to agree on something can be downright disagreeable sometimes. Nowhere is this more evident than at the Smith house around dinnertime.

My husband, Bob, daughter, Val, and I just can’t come to a consensus on what we want to eat.

I must admit that this is further compounded by the fact that I don’t like to cook, especially after a long day at work.

While fast food might seem to be an obvious solution, unfortunately my family can’t agree on that either. Val likes McDonald’s, Bob is a Wendy’s fan, and I prefer Taco Bell. To our collective credit, we’re not completely inflexible. Val will eat a burrito if she has to, Bob can choke down a Big Mac in a pinch, and even I’ll endure a cheese and broccoli-stuffed baked potato from the little gal with the bright red braids. In a perfect world, however, one day we’ll discover a place that sells Big Mac burritos, good old-fashioned taco chili and McFrosties for dessert.

That being said, the other day I actually had a glimmer of hope for our family when it came to the depressing daily dinner decision.

After each of us had rejected, in turn, cheeseburgers, deli sandwiches, spaghetti and meatballs, meatloaf and salmon cakes, we had a surprising meeting of the minds when it came to dessert.

“I know,” Val piped up enthusiastically. “How about a salad?”

“Salad doesn’t qualify as a dessert, Val,” I told her.

“Not ‘salad’ salad,” she said. “You know, one of those sweet salads with fruit and stuff in them.”

Now that she mentioned it, I had to admit a fruity salad didn’t sound half-bad.

“What kind of salad do you have in mind?” Bob asked her.

“Um, I can’t remember what it’s called, but I know it has pistachio pudding in it,” Val said.

“I think it’s called ambrosia,” I said. “It’s got orange sections and coconut in it. There’re other things, too, but I can’t remember exactly what they are.”

“I don’t know about that, Kim,” Bob said. “Somehow pistachio pudding and orange sections just don’t sound like they go together.”

“Yeah, Mom,” Val added. “Dad’s right. It’s not ambrosia. It’s called…um…Waterford salad! That’s it.”

“Waterford is an expensive kind of crystal, Val,” I told her. “Granted, it would look lovely in a bowl, but eating it could cause some severe digestive problems.”

“Okay, but I know it has the word ‘water’ in it,” she said.

“How about ‘waterfall’?” Bob suggested. “Or maybe ‘waterford,’ watercress?”

While the great debate continued, I pulled out my phone and googled ‘salad with pistachio pudding’.

“It’s called ‘Watergate salad’,” I said. “And I’ll be happy to make it.”

Ah, agreement. Gotta love it.

Yep. Agreement is hard to come by, even in the body of Christ.

What color should the carpet be in the adult Sunday school classroom? Do we really need five kinds of potato salad for the bi-monthly fellowship dinner? Hymns or praise and worship music?

Lots of decisions, but one will matter more than any other — the decision to take Jesus as your Lord and Savior.