Jughead, Archie heading to India for a Bollywood film

NEW YORK (AP) — Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica are going to Bollywood.

Archie Comics and Graphic India say they’re teaming up to create a Bollywood-style live-action film that reimagines the American suburban perpetual teens as Indian characters.

The companies are touting the film as the first international comic to be translated for Indian screens. No release date was announced.

Graphic India leader Sha-rad Devarajan says Archie comics have long been em-braced by Indians and “now it’s time to take them fully into Bollywood in an exciting new twist of a story.”

The freckle-faced Archie first appeared in comic form in 1941 and went on to become an icon of wholesomeness. The characters are part of The CW’s series “Riverdale.”