Kitten tends to cross the line

I’m afraid our new kitten, Tiger, might be on the path to a life of crime. Sure, that sounds a little dramatic, but there’s substantial evidence to back up the claim.

First, she has absolutely no respect for her elders. Ask Minnie, Boots and Patches, our three adult cats. Tiger likes nothing better than to creep up on her adopted feline sisters and leap on them when they least expect it.

Harmless fun, you’re thinking? Perhaps, but the little tufts of fur flying around the house following in the wake of all this “fun” give me paws (er…pause). In fact, the whole thing sounds like assault and cattery, uh battery, to me.

Then, there’s the “breaking and entering” propensity.

While our cats’ primary diet consists of wet cat food, we keep a bowl of dry cat food out to give them some variety. (I basically do the same thing with meals for my family. Nobody wants take-out pizza every day. Once in a while I throw in KFC or McDonald’s to keep life interesting.)

The other day after returning home from the grocery store, I sat a new bag of dry cat food on the stair landing. I intended to replenish the bowl when I went upstairs.

A few minutes later, I heard a rustling noise. Upon further investigation, I found little Miss Tiger gleefully tearing a hole in the bag with an impressive teeth/paw combination. Sure, it was cute. But it won’t be nearly as adorable when she graduates to jewelry stores and Brinks trucks.

While these actions are bad enough, one of Tiger’s most disturbing habits involves petty theft.

This almost always takes the form of cat treat thievery. Those of you who are cat parents are no doubt well aware of the enthusiasm these little flavored tidbits engender in felines.

With the exception of our tuxedo cat, Boots, who never developed a fondness for the things, our little group absolutely adores them. Despite, or maybe because of, their enjoyment, Minnie and Patches tend to eat the treats placed before them in a leisurely manner, savoring each morsel. Tiger? Not so much. She goes through the little pile with the speed and delicacy of a buzz saw, finishing well before the other two.

Then, with the stealth befitting a seasoned criminal, she sidles up next to one of her sisters and oh-so-subtly extends a paw. Once said paw reaches its goal — an untouched treat — Tiger furtively slides it away from Patches or Minnie and toward herself. Then, she proceeds to devour it with a look of triumph. I know, it’s pretty adorable right now, but that kind of behavior could land her in kitty prison one day; maybe even solitary con“fur”ment.

Yep, I’m gonna be keeping an eye on that little lady. Who knows? We might even have to send her to kitty boot camp.

Cats and humans have one thing in common: They both mess up from time to time. Regardless of the havoc Tiger wreaks, I’ll always love her.

I’m glad I have a Savior who feels the same way about me.