Student of the month: Maggie Blaisdell, Bishop Carroll Catholic High School

Name: Maggie Blaisdell

School: Bishop Carroll Catholic High School

Age: 17

Grade: 12

Family: Mother, Karen Blaisdell; father, Michael Blaisdell; brothers Ely and Eben

Future Goals: To attend a university with a double major in graphic design and film.

Achievements: Drama club for four years, head of set design for two years, designed T-shirts for school and community events, yearbook club for two years as the junior editor and senior editor.

Awards/ Special Recognition: An Altoona Mirror 20 Under 20; first runner-up at the Isaacs Awards for drama set design; Seton Hill Women in Science Award for Mathe-matics; created the 125th anniversary logo for the Cambria County Fair; received the Prize Book of the Harvard Alumni Association; Young Artists Exhibit at the Community Arts Center of Cambria County.

Hobbies, Community Activities and Interests: Spending time with her family, sketching, watching movies and having fun with her friends, participating in church functions, volunteering and running with Mrs. Beyer.

Most Influential Teacher: Mrs. Beyer

Heroes: My parents who, through thick and thin, have always stayed by my side when I needed them most. Also, my Aunt Margie, Aunt Mary and Aunt Cathy, who are the most supportive and encouraging relatives that anyone could pray for.