Look forward to God’s favor

People do some strange things to get attention. I should know.

A few weeks ago after church, my husband Bob, daughter, Val, and I decided to get takeout pizza for lunch. Checking the fuel gauge on our van, Bob took a small detour.

“Dad, the pizza place is the other direction,” Val said. Val could be blindfolded and dropped by helicopter into a foreign country and still manage to sniff out a pizzeria. What can I say? She’s gifted.

“We won’t make it there at all if I don’t get gas,” Bob said, pulling up to a pump at a nearby mini-mart.

While he pumped gas, Val and I sat in the van idly fidgeting. Spotting a paper-covered straw between the front seats, I removed the paper and playfully stuck it under the sunglasses I was wearing. Glancing in the visor mirror, I couldn’t help laughing at the ridiculous picture I presented, the long, white paper protruding from my face like a duck bill.

“Mom, take that off! You look bizarre,” Val giggled. “On second thought, don’t. Let’s see if Dad notices.”

“He’ll notice,” I told her. “There’s a big piece of paper sticking out of my sunglasses! Then again, your father isn’t always the most observant person … OK, I’ll leave it on and see what happens.”

Bob opened the door and climbed into the driver’s seat. “OK. Let’s get some pizza,” he said.

“Sounds good, hon,” I said, looking directly at his profile. “There’s nothing like listening to a rousing sermon to help work up an appetite.”

“Why thank you,” he smiled. “What part of my sermon did you like best?”

“I particularly liked the way you paused after that passage in I Timothy. It was very dramatic.”

“You noticed that, huh?” he asked, sounding pleased.

“Oh yes. I’m very observant. Aren’t I, Val?”

“Absolutely, Mom, and that’s an important quality. Don’t you agree, Dad?”

“Yes,” Bob replied. “Who knows how many interesting things people miss every day just because they aren’t paying attention.”

“Including yourself, dear?” I asked, as a sudden breeze started blowing my straw paper out from my face like a birthday party streamer. “I mean, do you ever miss anything interesting?”

By this time, Val was in the backseat fiercely trying to smother her laughter.

“Well, nobody’s perfect,” Bob said, “But, I think I do pretty well. Why is Val snorting?”

“Beats me. Well, it’s good to know that not much gets by you, dear,” I said, adjusting my sunglasses in such a way that the attached straw paper moved up and down like an elephant’s trunk.

“Oh, and Kim, since we’re almost home, you might want to take that paper out of your sunglasses,” he said. “The neighbors will think you’ve gone off the deep end.”

Yep, he’d noticed all along.

People go through a lot of trouble to get noticed. Christians are no exception.

Do you love to hear folks sing your praises after a choir solo? Maybe you wait for the “oohs” and “ahhs” when folks try your apple pie at fellowship dinners.

The Bible tells us the first will be last in Heaven. Instead of garnering man’s attention, we need to seek God’s favor.